Christmas Comes in June at Red Heart

Ever buy a Christmas tree in June? Every year we do it for our Christmas photography. Our New York photographer orders it from a floral business and we pick it up on the way to the studio.

It's kind of fun to drag out the decorations and lights and set up a tree. I actually like it more than doing it at home, as I know it's one day and there won't be needles all over the floor to sweep up when the tree has been up for days.

I always plead and beg our staff to get all our holiday designs complete for this one day so we can take advantage of the "tree day".

In the end, these are some of my favorite shots and the photo shoot team sings Christmas carols all day long. At the end of the day, the tree gets chopped and it's over. Just another day at the office so to speak! We manage to wear out toddlers and photographers alike.