Love of Quilting Party

Let’s hold a Love of Quilting Party! The encouragement and inspiration we gain through a community of like-minded sewists is a huge part of what keeps us quilting, isn’t it? Even if you follow quilting blogs or participate in quilting on social media, nothing compares to warm, smiling faces and in-person quilting support!

March is quilting month and Jenny from Martingale Publishing posted ideas for Three Ways to Party for National Quilting Day in March. Since I’m always ready for a party, especially if it involves sewing, I see these as “all-year-everyday-as-often-as-you-can” party ideas. Doesn’t that sound good?

First, you’ll want to decide on a good sewing space for your Love of Quilting Party. Does your LQS (Local Quilt Store) have a classroom you could use, or is there a church or library or community center nearby? Maybe it’s your own basement or family room that will be just right. Be sure you have lots of outlets, table and ironing space available!

You could use an email invitation service like Evite, but Jenny provides quilty-cool printables for you in her post. I think receiving something that isn’t a bill would really get your friends’ attention! Be sure you communicate clearly what the party is all about, what attendees will be doing and what they should bring. Will there be cutting space available or should your sewing buds bring projects that are ready to go? That kind of thing.

Jenny also offers links to printable Quilting Cheat Sheets and Quilting Vocabulary available on the Martingale site. Sweet! If you can, print these out as favors for your Love of Quilting Party guests.

Games! What would a party be without games, right? You’ll find instructions for a Quilted White Elephant Trade and a Fat Quarter Lotto in Jenny’s post. A game that involves fabric? That should light everyone’s quilting fire!

Don’t forget snacks! Jenny’s post includes a rocky Road Snack Cake recipe to theme along with making Rocky Road to Dublin Blocks. So fun! Can you theme one of your favorite snacks around quilting or a block?

Jenny’s first idea is a Love of Quilting Party for Newbies. Fabulous idea! I firmly believe that everyone’s life would be better if they were involved in making things and what better way to spread that joy. You’ll also find details for planning a Charity-Quilt Bee, and a Fabric Swap. A Fabric Swap?! I’m in. Just let me know when and where.

Many of us already belong to quilting or sewing guilds, but what if you’re normally a lone quilter and just don’t know very many people who share your passion for stitching? Here are some ways to build your own quilting community:

  • Ask your non-quilting friends, co-workers and family if they know anyone who quilts or sews. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find! I was surprised to find out at a family gathering last year that a cousin I’ve known for 35 years is an avid quilter. I just never asked!
  • If you’re holding a Love of Quilting Party for beginners, invite your “already a quilter” friends to bring a “not yet a quilter” friend and each newbie will have an automatic helper.
  • And, you know that local quilt guild you just never got around to joining? The best time is now. Many guilds have neighborhood groups and you may find one to party with close by!

In pioneer days our ancestors, out of necessity, quilted to keep their families warm. To share knowledge and help time pass in an enjoyable way, they would often gather together to piece, stitch, share their burdens and their joys and we still have those needs. Click here to read Jenny’s post and celebrate your Love of Quilting with a party – soon. What better way to keep our fingers busy and our hearts happy and warm!