Earth Day Projects - Reusable Bags

Using a fabric or reusable bag reduces the number of paper and plastic bags that go to our landfills. We all know this and there are so many options out there for bags--from freebies to stylish numbers to those you can make yourself which is today's topic!

This pair work great together or separately. Make several of the shopping bags and store them inside the insulated tote.You will love the shopping bag-- it is nice and roomy and the shape will accommodate cereal boxes and other boxed pantry items.

Reusable Grocery Bag Gourmet Grocery Tote CS0038 Reusable Grocery Bag

Reusable Grocery Bag

CS0037 Gourmet Grocery Tote

Gourmet Grocery Tote

A Reusable bags aren't environmentally friendly if they just ride round in the trunk of your car! You must remember to take them into the store! This little lady bug bag caddy fits easily into your purse and will hold two shopping bags. The shopping bag pattern is included.

Lady Bug Shopping Bag Caddy Lady Bug Shopping Bag Caddy Make your shopping bag "double green" by creating it out of re-purposed garments. Create a tote using a T-shirt


T-Shirt Tote Do you have a creative solution for re-usable bags? Please share!