Breast Cancer Awareness and Sewing

Red Wool Needlecase

Women who sew share a special kinship when it comes to the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and searching for a cure. Through sewing, we are able to make a sister a little more comfortable and to let her know we care.

I’d like to share with you a very special gift that I received with the hope that it will give you an idea for a way to use your sewing skills to honor someone in your life. It is a little wool needlecase made from a suit that belonged to my mother who died of breast cancer in 1992. My mother taught home economics in a rural school in South Carolina for 35 years. One of her former students made each of the members of her quilt group, many of whom had been mother’s students, and me a needlecase from the suit fabric, with a note that encouraged each one to use it every day as a reminder of their friend and mentor.

If you know someone fighting breast cancer, find a way to use sewing to let them know you care.

The American Sewing Guild has patterns for Chemo Caps and “Anti-Ouch Pillows” on their website. These are both items that can be a gift for a friend to show you care, or a group project for a cancer center.