Crochet Temperature Afghans & Blankets

Time to Take The Temperature!

In 2013, we had a campaign simply called the Temperature Scarf. It was a Knit and Crochet Along and we had created a temperature guide of colour options. Fast forward to today, people are really onto the idea of making Temperature Afghans.

The idea is the same and many knitters and crocheters loved it!

Temperature Afghans don’t need to be for cold climates or crocheted exclusively in the winter time. What makes this afghan a lot of fun is when the temperatures start fluctuating. Usually, 1 completed row in an afghan or 1 round of a granny square can be considered the temperature for the day and you continue to build.

Laynie's Crochet Temperature Scarf

We created a thermometer that is generic. Our designers picked colours that are generally associated to the climate, sometimes even seen on TV with weather forecasters.

What makes this trend so interesting is that not everyone experiences the same temperatures or fluctuation of temperatures at the same time. For example, our offices are here in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We won’t see those high 70’s or 80’s for several more months from the time I am writing this article. So this is when I use my creative super powers and do some adjusting to my temperatures.

For Example: Here where I live, we can experience from -20 all the way to +10 degrees Celsius. So for me, I would only see three colours of the temperature if I follow the thermometer. So what I am going to do is a slight adjustment. Make it work for me, sort of speak.

Crochet Temperature Thermometer

Customize Your Colors!

  • You can change your colour options based on what you have in your collection of yarns. Some people grab a strand and tape it to their sheet so they have the exact colour for their instructions.
  • Knowing there is about 8 colours, you can make more colours and change the increments.
  • I would change it to have a lot more colours between -20 to +10 degrees because I know I will be seeing these temperatures more in the time frame I want to make an afghan. So change what you need to.
  • You can be exotic and not necessarily have your colours in order of the colour wheel like it is depicted below. You could have very artistic and unusual colour combos if your colours have accenting colours. You could even use variegated yarn just to make it more interesting too!
  • Remember to be creative and make up your own rules and change the colours to suit your own creative ideas.

    Crochet Temperature Thermometer

    Patterns to Try