All-Season Yarn Decorations

Do you ever get craft-overwhelmed? It happens to me almost on a daily basis this time of year, and especially with home decor. I mean, once Fall hits it’s totally normal to deck our homes in full, yarn-y glory, right? Autumnal throws, Halloween wall-hangings, Thanksgiving place settings, Hanukkah pillows, Yule tree decorations, Christmas stockings…gah, there are so many things to make — to pay homage to our many holidays — and so little time to do it all! What’s a yarn lover to do? Have a crafty nervous breakdown? Nah, save that for post-family gatherings. The act of making is your friend, nay your very breath, so let it bring you happiness and not a headache. How, you ask? Break focus. That’s right, I’m telling you to consider a not focusing on individual events when it comes to decorations this year. Go broad; go neutral; breathe free.

Thanks to Editor, Marcy Smith I was invited to explore the idea of playing with yarn, just for the heck of it, for a feature in the latest issue of Crochetscene Magazine. The results were a couple of indoor decor pieces that are festive, without being holiday specific. Simple, cozy, and absolutely leave-uppable through New Years… and beyond! They’re fun to make, and with a shelf-life long enough that you don’t need to rush to get them made. Take a breath, and make them as you can. As long as you finish between now and say, February then you’ve made well, friends. Ahhhhh!

Here are the yarn suggestions for these projects:

Pompom Wreath

Yarn Pompom Wreath

Pompom Garland

Yarn Pompom Garland

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