Glittery.. Shiny … Christmassy


Christmas Flash Back

Going back to Christmas to the late 70’s and early 80’s, I remember that waiting for Christmas was so very difficult. Our artificial tree had fake snow on the tips of the branches.

I would lie in among the presents and look up and see the glimmer of the frosted light bulbs. My parents never themed up their Christmas so the tree was a mismatch of ideas and, of course, us being kids, we would make decorations ourselves. It was definitely a tree where kids were involved.

I don’t usually learn the first time but I remember my mom telling us not to touch and was enough to make your skin sizzle. This is well before the lighting for trees has been changed and not as much of a fire hazard as it is today. You wouldn’t want to leave the lights on while you are not home and not keep them on too long. Just for the fear of the tree and house catching fire. So touching the bulbs and burning my fingers were just a norm at Christmas. When I think about it, how dangerous those lights were.

Today, I still enjoy making projects for the holiday season. I love projects that have a shine to them. They act as a bit of nostalgia for me. Call me old school, but I really do appreciate homemade ideas for the holidays.

Glittery Yarn Wreath

There are a few yarn lines by Yarnspirations that have glitter or shiny factors. They are as follows:

This year, we here at The Crochet Crowd made our 10 – 12 feet Nutcrackers using Caron Simple Soft Party and Bernat Satin Sparkle for the majority of the covering.

We absolutely loved working with this yarn as it has the sparkle without the scratch.

Here is a list of different ideas you can do. Some of these ideas don’t suggest to use sparkle yarns but you are the artist and can make up your own rules. I have put what I would use if it were me. Due to myself making alternative suggestions, just keep an eye on the yardage of the balls to know how much to use.