5 Household Containers for Yarn

Summer’s in full swing, which often means our crafting gets set aside for outdoor activities. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. It’s easy to bring your favorite project to the beach or pool with you, as long as you take a few measures to keep your supplies safe from the elements. Here are 5 Summer-fun Safe, household items that’ll keep your projects dry (and you organized) during your days by the water!

Plastic Reclosable Bags

1. Plastic Reclosable Bags.

I have many, fancier bags than those found in my sandwich bag drawer. I find however, that I keep going back to putting smaller projects in plain ol’, zip-close bags. They’re almost always on-hand, can easily have a hole poked through for yarn to feed out of, and can be thrown into a beach bag at a moment’s notice. They also work really well for protecting yarn from pool water and beach sand on a vacation day. A simple solution for Summertime fun!

Travel Toothbrush Containers

2. Travel Toothbrush Containers.

Designed to keep the travel yuck off of toothbrushes, these cylindrical containers are also the perfect match for holding your double-pointed needles (or a couple of crochet hooks). Throw it in your pool purse, and you won’t have to worry about losing your tools or getting them soaked by your wet towel and bathing suit!

Pill Organizers

3. Pill Organizers

Water proof, and with dividers pill boxes work awesomely for stitch-related accoutrements. Stitch markers, safety pins, small buttons, and more will all stay dry and organized in these colorful containers!

Reusable Pockets

4. Reusable Pockets.

Although regular sheet protectors work well, too I especially love these reusable pockets for pattern protection. Not only with they keep project instructions dry and clean, you can even make notes on them with dry-erase markers without altering the paper at all.

Large Storage Bin

5.Large Storage Bin

Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have thought of this one myself. When I saw my friend and fellow designer, Tammy Hildebrand post a picture of herself on Facebook using a plastic bin to keep her yarn afloat in the pool, I thought it was brilliant. Place your yarn balls in the bin and let ’em ride on the water next to you while you’re drifting (and stitching) on an inner tube. Ahhhhh, what a delightful Summer plan!

Do you have any tips for us knitters and crocheters for making our stitching more, Summertime-fun friendly? If so, post them in the comments section. We’d love to hear them!