Vogue Knitting Live Seattle '14

Caron Christmas Stocking in Caron Simply Soft yarn by RepeatCrafterMe

Over the past 4 or so years that we’ve been a part of Vogue Knitting Live (VKL) conferences the Yarnspiration (formerly Beginner’s) Lounge has evolved a bit. We started with the singular goal of being there to offer free knitting and crochet lessons to anyone who wanted to learn. Being there at the beginning of someone’s creative journey is a great experience for a teacher, and it’s important to me personally that people embrace the yarn arts as another valued way of expressing that creativity.

While a group of amazing volunteers continue to be there to nurture baby purl and chain steps, it’s the sentiment of the latter that’s influenced us to expand the experience for our VKL guests. Part of this includes: giving away swag (because who doesn’t get excited by free stuff?), offering patterns for various levels of stitchers, and displaying some great garments to (hopefully) inspire people to pick up their needles and hooks. Additionally though, we’ve recently added a, “Make It, Take It” element. The intent is for attendees to sit down with us for a short period of time and leave with a finished project. The last couple of go-’rounds we’ve focused on arm knitting. We decided to go this route because giving people yet another technique to add to their yarn-craft arsenal adds a really fun and enthusiastic breath of fresh air to our space. Viewing yarn — and even knitting — in a nontraditional way can open up the mind to endless making possibilities , and it was a blast to see knitters’ eyes brighten as their arm knit pieces began to take shape! Here’s a glimpse of the event, which took place this month in Seattle, WA.

Caron Christmas Stocking in Caron Simply Soft yarn by RepeatCrafterMe

Want to learn how to arm knit, or know the basics but want to learn more? Check out our videos for how to arm knit, purl, make i-cord, and knit seed stitch. Find ’em here and get started on your next arm knit project with free Yarnspirations arm knitting patterns!

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