Introducing Caron Colorama Halo O'Go


Caron Colorama adds a new level of texture to your fashion with a brushed, fuzzy fabric sure to make any project look expertly stitched. With its color phasing shade range, colors flow seamlessly from light to dark. Wrap yourself in the soft brushed fabric of Caron Colorama Halo - ideal for cozy shawls, oversized sweaters, and slouchy cardigans. This blend of acrylic, nylon, and polyester is machine washable and dryable for easy care.


Caron Coloaram Halo O'Go yarn ball and a scarf banner

Get A Bright & Frosty Glow With Halo

Caron’s new soft and luxuriously textured yarn, with beautiful and soft ombre shade ranges.

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Shades

Each Caron Colorama Halo O’Go fades from a gentle, muted tone to frosty white while the yarn’s shimmering halo casts a glow across each of its colors. Within each O’Go, the starting color fades to Frost. Combinations include warmer tones like Rose, Cranberry, Orchid, and Beeswax as well as cooler shades like Harbor, Skylight, Bluestone, and Lavender. Neutral fades include Graphite Frost and Vanilla Frost. Choose the calm, glowing color combination that speaks to you, and get started with tangle-free stitching.

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Yarn, Orchid Frost

Orchid Frost

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Yarn, Harbor Frost

Harbor Frost

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Yarn, Vanilla Frost

Vanilla Frost

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Yarn, Cranberry Frost

Cranberry Frost

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Yarn, Beesewax Frost

Beesewax Frost

Caron Colorama Halo O'Go Yarn, Lavender Frost

Lavender Frost