Introducing Patons Inspired

Patons Inspired

Let the rich and refined wool blend of Patons inspire your next handmade piece. Offering the sophisticated look of natural fibers and the easy washability you’ve come to expect, Patons Inspired is the perfect blend. A bulky yarn with a deep, rich texture, it comes in a varied color palette that is sure to complement the décor of any space. It produces a dense and plush high quality fabric to make projects that you’ll treasure forever. The thicker weight means that your blankets, pillow covers, afghans and throws made with Patons Inspired come to life quickly.

Finding the perfect color of yarn is effortless with Patons Inspired. From Cocoa to Clay; from Scarlet to Sapphire Teal, there is a color that is just right for your space. The collection is complete with neutral whites, grays and blacks to set off the more saturated hues. The colors of Patons Inspired are rich and full with the characteristic matte finish of a wool blend. The deep muted tones can be combined with one another to create lush blankets and throws in shades that never go out of style while the light and airy shades give a range of options for cuddly keepsakes, pillow covers, and fresh, washable home décor pieces.