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Meet the Designer: Emily Berney

Meet the Designer: Emily Berney

At Yarnspirations we have a team of knitwear and crochet designers who work hard to bring you free knit and crochet patterns. These designers spend hours creating designs and working through patterns to help inspire your next project. Given all their hard work and dedication we thought you should get to know our designers a little better!

Emily has been a junior knitwear and crochet designer at Yarnspirations for two years. She creates plenty of fun crochet patterns and has some brand-new knit patterns releasing soon that you should keep an eye out for.

She first learned to knit when she was a child however, it wasn’t until her university years that she truly learned the joy and satisfaction of knitting and crocheting. Now she designs knit and crochet patterns full-time for Yarnspirations in the hopes of inspiring other knitters and crocheters to also enjoy their craft to the fullest.

Besides knitting and crocheting, Emily is also an avid embroiderer. You can check out her designs at Thimble and Bee on Etsy. She enjoys creating beautiful scenes and quotes in embroidery hoops. You can often find her working on her embroidered hoops when she’s not knitting and crocheting. Learn more about Emily below and check out her advice for anyone new to yarn crafts.

Emily's Knit & Crochet Designs

#1. What types of yarn crafts do you participate in? Which one is your main go to craft?

I both knit and crochet. It totally depends on what pattern I like. I think I knit just as much as I crochet!

#2. Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

Inspiration is everywhere! I’m always keeping my eye out in shops, online, and even public transit on my way to and from work. There’s always something interesting around that can be incorporated into a design.

#3. What was your introduction to yarn?

When I was little my aunt taught me how to knit when we were visiting her cottage. I remember starting a corner to corner dishcloth. I got half way through and must have gotten distracted because I never finished it. I joke that my first project was half a dishcloth. Later on in university I picked up yarn again to procrastinate from writing essays and studying…I think it’s paid off!

#4. What benefits do you find in being a yarn crafter?

I find yarn crafts very relaxing and they help take my mind off of anything stressful from the day. My storage may be overflowing but I just see the potential it has and remember “yarn doesn’t go bad!” and get to think up more projects to make which always helps lighten my mood.

#5. What advice would you give to someone looking to take up a yarn craft?

Slow and steady wins the race! If you want to work your way up to those intermediate projects, don’t get overwhelmed with the length of a pattern. Just remember to take it row by row and you’ll be making more difficult projects in no time!

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