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Fall Décor: Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin

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These Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins are a great way to use up yarn and fill your house with decorations fit for any yarn-lover! Get creative with swirls, spirals, and or any shape you can think of! These pumpkins are a blank canvas just waiting to be covered with yarn designs. Take a look at some basic step-by-step instructions for these pumpkins below.

What you’ll need

Step One

  • Plan out your basic design for the pumpkin, and start gluing!

Step 1 Image

Step 2

  • Glue the yarn down as you go to keep in securely in place, and keep an eye on your end goal as you go to make sure you’re sticking with the design plan.

Step 2 Image

Be careful when using the hot glue gun, and make sure you place it away from your work station when you aren’t using it.

Step 2 Image

Step 3

  • When finished, go over your Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin and remove any remaining dried glue and yarn ends. These no-needle decorations make wonderful ornaments for your home, whether for Halloween or all autumn long! Make as many as you like, big and small, and use them from you centerpiece to your porch. Have fun this Halloween season and may your house be the best-dressed on the block!

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins