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From the Heart: The Gracie Project

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Gracie Smith is a darling and active 2 1/2 year old little girl based out of Forest Grove, OR. Her parents had first noticed a “glow” in her right eye as well as the eye beginning to stray to the right. After taking her in to the doctor to be checked, that is when they came to find out that this sweet girl had a rare cancer called Retinoblastoma.

Soon after her diagnosis, she and her mother flew to Philadelphia where she went through surgery to remove her eye which contained ten tumors. Today, Gracie has her “magic eye”, which is her prosthetic eye. She cannot see out of her “magic eye”, but her mother, Elly, said that this whole situation has not affected Gracie and she is quite the fighter.

Let’s rally together to create an incredible gift to Gracie, her siblings and the other children at Doernbechers oncology clinic that are fighting cancer daily.

Gracie is currently finishing her last treatments of chemotherapy as well as attending multiple visit to the hospital each week to receive vitamin supplements. These appointments financially add up for their family. If you are able to, there is a GoFundMe account for Gracie to help offset these costs. The link is listed at the bottom of this document.

Here are the details for The Gracie Project:

Jessica with @the.hook.nook and Vincent with @knot.bad are accepting donations for handmade beanies, hats and stuffed toys. We will be collecting these donations through December 16, 2016 and will be donating the items directly to the children at Doernbechers Hospital to benefit the children fighting cancer. Due to their storage space, any excess donations will be donated to Randall Children’s Hospital where more children are fighting for their health and lives. If we have a tremendous amount of donations, we will be holding the excess to donate through 2017 to these hospitals or finding additional hospitals who would like to receive these donations.

All items will find their way to children fighting all forms of cancer and their siblings who are supporting and encouraging them throughout their journeys.

We are choosing to include siblings for these donations because even though we all want to help those directly fighting cancer, Elly informed me that the siblings are suffering as well. Being able to include siblings and being able to let them know that they, too, are being thought of and prayed for is just as important. It’s a family journey and encouraging each family member means so much.

Items to donate:

We are looking for beanies and hats made in all sizes. There is no specific style of beanie or hat that is preferred. Please feel free to make items that you enjoy making so each one will be completely filled with love and encouragement. We are also looking to accept crocheted, knit or sewn stuffed dolls. I was advised to share that the children tend to lean more towards “relatable” dolls (ex. Minions, Pokemon, My Little Pony, etc) because the children will recognize these characters. Modern-style dolls aren’t received as well by the children but they are still accepted.

Some Patterns that could be used:

Notes for all donated items:

Doernbechers prefers that all items are made with new yarn or any yarn that has not been kept out collecting dust as this can affect the children who are sick. Once your item(s) are finished, please store them in a plastic bag to prevent them from collecting dust. Please also remember to wash your hands prior to working on these items and to postpone any work on these items while you are sick with a cold or ill in any way because those germs can stay with the items and be transferred to the children.

Please feel free to send your donation(s) to:

The Hook Nook

Jessica Carey

2174 Alex Ave SE

Salem, OR 97302

Knot Bad Crochet:

Vincent Green-Hite

14390 SW Furlong Way

Beaverton, OR 97005

If you are available to help promote The Gracie Project and/or donate handmade items for it, please contact Jessica or Vincent. Our emails will be listed at the bottom of this document. Please help spread the word about Gracie and the hardships these families face daily. Thank you for taking the time to read through Gracie’s story and how Vincent and I are wanting to help out. We hope to hear from you soon!


Jessica Carey & Vincent Green-Hite

Gracie’s GoFundMe page