Four fabulous ways to stitch with color

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Fun-to-make projects using the iconic Pantone chip as Inspiration

skill level: intermediate knit

Fair Isle Knit Hat

This fair isle knit hat is a great introduction to stranded knitting and is knit using only on braid of Caron x Pantone.

skill level: intermediate crochet

Rainbow Chip Crochet Cowl

Color speaks volumes on this rich and stunning shell stitch cowl, crocheted using Caron x Pantone.

Our braids were born to stripe, with color that steps up beautifully in any order

skill level: intermediate knit

Color Swatch Knit Sweaters

Bring this impressive pattern to life by knitting in bold or neutral colors of Caron x Pantone yarn.

skill level: easy crochet

Crochet Stripe Scarf

Easily crochet a beautifully textured scarf with endless Color Play possibilities using Caron x Pantone.

skill level: intermediate knit

Asymmetrical Knit Shawl

A perfectly curated blend of shades inspires the creation of this lovely shawl, knitted using Caron x Pantone.

skill level: intermediate knit

Brioche Knit Cowl

Show your skills on this captivating, brioche knit cowl that features 2 different Caron x Pantone braids.

This traditional pattern gets a modern upgrade with beautifully curated colorways

skill level: intermediate knit

Caron x Pantone Fair Isle Knit Turtleneck

Knitting Fair Isle takes on a new dimension with the perfectly blended shades in a braid of Caron x Pantone yarn.

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