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Discover the World of Blanket

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100+ Shades. 300+ Free Patterns. A world of possibilities.

World Of Blanket

For over a decade, the Bernat Blanket family of yarns has been a favorite of knitters and crocheters everywhere! As the preferred choice for home decor projects, the Bernat Blanket family boasts one of the largest shade collections on the market. It includes yarns of every color with a range of weights, textures, and dye effects so the perfect yarn is always close at hand. As the go-to yarn for all your home décor and baby needs, its chenille style texture has been stitched into countless treasures from afghans and baby blankets to pillow covers and poufs.
Super-soft Bernat Blanket yarns make projects that are irresistibly touchable. Beginners and experts alike love working with the Bernat Blanket because it is super bulky and stitches up quickly for projects that take shape in no time at all.

Bernat Blanket

The original and much-loved Bernat Blanket is a chenille-style yarn that is perfect for home décor projects. Its super bulky weight stitches up quickly, making it a crowd favorite for making afghans and blankets. The deep, soft texture makes a touchable, squishable fabric. It comes in a variaty of ball sizes for larger projects and is available in a wide range of solid and variegated shades to complement your home décor. Although blanket is part of the name, Bernat Blanket has also been stitched into hats, sweaters, soft toys, pillow covers and more. All Bernat Blanket yarns are machine washable and dryable for easy care.

Bernat Blanket

The Bernat Blanket Family

With a huge range of colors, textures and weights, Bernat Blanket has a yarn for everyone! Bernat Baby Blanket yarn was born a decade ago and has been used to create huggable keepsakes for generations of little ones. It has been so popular that it inspired spin-off products including Bernat Blanket for home décor, lighter collections for summer weather and large and growing collection of colors. We are committed to developing extensions to our most-loved product lines to suit all your family crafting needs.
The Bernat Blanket family of yarns now includes lighter and heavier weights as well as different textures of the same cherished favorite. The color collections include ombre shades, special seasonal releases, brights, stripes and more. There are over 100 unique shades available with new colors and dye effects being rolled out regularly so Bernat Blanket is always on-trend.
Bernat Blanket has earned its reputation as a long-time favorite of crafters. It consistently receives five-star reviews on popular crafting websites. “Soft and fluffy!” says one satisfied customer “I adore this product and love the rich colors. I've never failed to get compliments on how soft it is,” says another. Because it is a trusted brand that has been around for many years, crafters know that their favorite yarn will deliver consistent, snuggly results every time.

A Family of Colors:

These Blanket yarns feature the same gorgeous texture and soft feel of Bernat Blanket with a twist on color.

Bernat Blanket Brights: Bernat Blanket yarn also comes in a range of intense, amped-up shades. It offers the same soft, plush texture and the same easy, machine washable care in vivid colours to give your home décor a bright spark. With solid and variegated options, the sharp flashes of color in the Bernat Blanket Brights collection are sure to turn heads.

Bernat Blanket Ombre: The Ombre line of Bernat Blanket offers eye-catching gradient shades to create beautiful multi-tonal home décor projects. The ombre shades add a whole new dimension to our popular Bernat Blanket line of products. The gradual color changes give depth to the look of any finished project.

Bernat Blanket Stripes: Featuring four complementary shades in each ball, Bernat Blanket Stripes lets you effortlessly add bands of color to your projects using your favorite blanket yarn. There is no need to weave in ends when the yarn stripes itself making this the go-to yarn choice for multi-colored home décor projects.
Bernat Blanket Twist: A playful twist on our famous Bernat Blanket, this yarn offers the same cushy chenille style with a four-shade color change that is wound right in. Each soft tone is enhanced with a color-changing twist to give a fresh spin to your home décor projects.

Bernat Blanket

A Family of Textures:

These Blanket yarns offer variety in weight and texture to give you the soft plush feel at thinner and thicker gauges.
Bernat Blanket Breezy: Bernat Blanket Breezy is your favorite blanket yarn in a lightweight summer style. Cuddle up on a brisk summer night with your knitted or crocheted Bernat Blanket Breezy project to cut through the chill. The yarn has self-striping color combinations and a texture that varies from thick to thin to give your lightweight blanket a unique look and feel.
Bernat Blanket Extra: This extra-thick version of Bernat Blanket stitches up even more quickly for big, chunky, cozy projects. The jumbo weight version of one of our most popular yarns, Bernat Blanket Extra will quickly work up wonderful machine-washable accents for your home.

Blanket yarns

The Baby of the Family:

Bernat Baby Blanket: The baby line of Bernat Blanket products are ideal for making blankets and garments for baby that will be cherished for a lifetime. All the Bernat Blanket baby yarns are guaranteed to be safe for you and your baby. They have been tested for any harmful chemicals and carry the Oeko-Tex certification for your peace of mind.
Bernat Baby Blanket Stripes: This is the same baby blanket yarn you know and love, ready for stitching with self-striping ease. It comes in a range of soft yet vibrant baby shades and is ideal for baby blankets, toys, and accessories. The economical big ball features complementary colors brought together to create effortless stripes.

For Everyone in the Family:

Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ: This crafty yarn features unique pre-formed loops. With no needles or hooks required, Blanket-EZ projects are completed more quickly and more easily than with traditional knitting or crocheting. EZ knitting handles the first step of stitching for you so that your cuddly projects are completed in a fraction of the time. The ultra-soft, microfiber chenille is perfect for blankets, pillows, and even cowls. EZ yarn is ideal for kids and for anyone who is new to crafting with yarn. Anyone can master their own cozy project with the EZ version of our most-loved Bernat Blanket yarn.

Blanket yarns

Caring for your items made from Bernat Blanket

All of the Bernat Blanket yarns are conveniently machine washable and dryable so there is no need to worry about a spill here or a smudge there. Just toss your creation in the washer and the dryer and carry on. You worked hard to create your hand-made keepsakes. Bernat meets that commitment by making washable yarns for timeless, lasting pieces that fit in with your everyday life.


Step one is choosing your yarn. Step two is choosing your pattern! Our designers are always working to come up with new ways to showcase our yarns. For the Bernat Blanket family of yarns we have over 320 knitting and crochet patterns with more being added all the time. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn a new skill, a crafter who is finally finding time to get back to stitching, or a seasoned expert who creates new treasures every week, we’ve got patterns to get you inspired. You can easily find patterns for blankets, pillow covers, baby items and more. With the range of Bernat Blanket yarns available at your fingertips and a huge assortment of patterns to browse, your perfect home décor project awaits.

Blanket yarns

Find it Anywhere and Everywhere

Bernat Blanket is easy to find and is widely available. You can find it online and at all the major craft retailers throughout the USA and Canada. The reliable range of Bernat Blanket yarns comes in an abundance of colors and is available at your fingertips.

The Future of Bernat Blanket

The world of Bernat Blanket keeps on growing. Each year, new shades and dye effects are released and much-loved product lines are extended. While the quality and consistency of the yarn stays the same, crafting never gets dull with new yarn and color choices, tons of patterns, and a range of products to keep the creative juices flowing. Our passionate team of designers and yarn experts work tirelessly to create new shades and dye effects every year. You can trust the family of Bernat Blanket yarns to catch all the latest trends and breathe new life into your knitted and crocheted garments and home décor projects.