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CYC Standards Updates


The Craft Yarn Council has been working hard to update industry standards and we're happy to announce that the new guidelines are live! The team at Red Heart will be making the shift to using the new standards, and we wanted to make sure you knew about them too. You can download the whole Standards and Guidelines pdf for your own use.

The biggest change was to the skill levels, which now reflect the complexity of a project, not the experience level of the yarner.

Another big change is the addition of loom knitting abbreviations. Be sure to check those out if you use knitting looms, they're on page 10.

New designers should read through these pages, full of tips on how to submit designs to companies and magazines.

Whatever your experience is with yarn, the Craft Yarn Council (and the Red Heart Team!) wants to be sure you have what you need to know to enjoy your craft to its fullest!

Happy stitching!