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Crochet Your Bouquet

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Are you a DIY bride and want to make sure you can enjoy your bridal bouquet year after year? Or do you need unique centerpieces for an event? With this handcrafted bouquet, you'll be able to create a distinctive mood and keep your memories fresh forever.

To start, decide on the colors you want to use. If your wedding colors aren't pink and green, as our bride's were, adjust the colors of Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread to match. You might have white roses, red carnations and dark green leaves, for example. If you change the color of thread that you use, make sure you choose a matching color of Styrofoam®-safe spray paint to ensure that the ball underneath is not visible. You can change the color of ribbon you use as well. This is your event, so make the colors your own!


Next, make the flowers. If your bridal party or event planning group crochet, they can contribute flowers as well. You can also make additional styles of crocheted flowers and mix them into your bouquet for a different look.

After you've made all of the flowers, cut the ball in half and spray paint it with a color to match your flowers. If your colors are very different from each other, such as the white and red mentioned above, choose a spray paint color that matches the darker colored thread that you use.

Cut the floral wire into 3 (8 cm) pieces. Wrap one end of floral wire around the center of each flower and the corner of each leaf to make stems. Insert the flower stems and then the leaf stems into the painted ball, reinforcing with straight pins if needed. To make the bouquet look more natural, place the flowers at different heights.


Turn the ball over and pin your ribbon in the center of the flat side, arranging it in a wheeled bow shape to cover the bottom of the ball. Keep the bow in shape using additional pins.


Wrap the ribbons around the cone to cover it. We did a simple overlapping horizontal wrap, but if you can figure out a fancy design you like, go for it! Keep the ribbon in place with pearl-headed pins, and use them to attach the cone to the base. For extra effect, substitute jewel-headed pins. If you would prefer not to use pins, you can use Styrofoam®-safe glue instead.


When you've finished, take a critical look at your bouquet and make sure it looks good to you. Adjust anything that is out of place, and you're ready to go!

You can make additional flowers and leaves to make boutonnières for a groom and groomsmen or sew them together into small groups to decorate the venue.

Download the Free Pattern: Bridal Nosegay Crochet Pattern


Aunt Lydia's® Classic Crochet Thread, size 10: 2 balls in the color for your flowers, and one ball in the color for your leaves (we used one ball each of 493 French Rose and 401 Orchid Pink for our flowers, and one ball of 428 Mint Green for our leaves)
Susan Bates® Crochet Hook: 2.10mm [US 3]
6 (15cm) diameter Styrofoam® ball
6 (15cm) tall Styrofoam® cone
Styrofoam®-safe spray paint that matches your darker flower color
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Straight pins Pearl- or jewel-headed pins 20 yds (18m) 1 (25mm) wide double-faced satin ribbon
Yarn needle
Optional: Styrofoam® safe-glue Crochet Thread Association:Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Size 10