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Guest Blogger Diane Marsh Makes a Retro Pillow

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Hello Fellow Crafters,
My name is Diane and I love Red Heart Yarn. I have crocheted and knitted for many years, so when I started working in the payroll department here I was happy to be able to be around yarn more than at other companies in my past. My first encounter with thread was when I was a small child my grandmother taught me how to make hairpin lace and attach to a hankie. Ooops! I'm dating myself. I also have fond memories of my Mom and me getting the sale papers for yarn and figuring out what patterns we were going to make and trying to be one of the first customers at the store to be sure that we got the yarn we needed. Of course you had to paw through a lot of yarn to get all you wanted in the same dye lot. It was very important that you bought extra so you wouldn't run out. And my father's unique take on what he saw my Mom doing while crocheting her doilies, he called it ""Knotting Thread"". I still refer to that phrase.

Recently, I finished the Round Pillow from the Coats & Clark publication, Afghan-Stitch Designs, dating back to 1965.  For the yarn, I decided to use Super Saver Honeydew. Keep in mind this pattern was written in 1965 and isn't written like today's patterns. I found the instructions for the outer edge gusset confusing. You need to not chain 1 when you get to the end of the second half of the gusset rows. You'll want to stitch the gusset without increasing, as in the video we've linked below.


This pillow was done in an afghan stitch, known today as a Tunisian stitch.  Check out Red Heart's Learn How video on the Tunisian Stitch.

To bring the pillow up-to-date I added a big button. The beauty of making your own projects is the ability to make it your own.