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Sometimes a round peg CAN fit into a square hole . . .

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Sometimes a round  square  can fit into a square hole! Whether it's a cherished heirloom or a knock-around sweater for your son or daughter, what you create is an investment of your heart. Isn't it equally important to invest just a little more time to know how to take care of what your hands have created? The label wrapped around each skein or ball of Red Heart yarn you purchase tells you the story of how to care for your creations. In fact, you can know exactly how to care for the project you are preparing to make before you ever leave your favorite yarn department. How should I wash the sweater I made from my favorite Red Heart yarn? handwash(hand wash) Can I machine dry what I am preparing to knit or crochet? TumbleDry (tumble dry low) These symbols and many more will be found on all your favorite Red Heart yarns. Please visit the American Cleaning Institute's website to learn more about home laundering symbols. My name is Frank Jankowski, and I am "The Yarn Guy" here at Red Heart. I joined the team in April of 2012, and I am looking forward to sharing my yarn experiences, facts, figures and anecdotes with all of you! Best Wishes . .  from "The Yarn Guy."