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Pets - Knit Dog Patterns

Your dog is your best friend, your loving and loyal companion. They may not understand the work and craftsmanship that goes into handmade knitted dog sweaters, but they will appreciate the warmth of a knitted sweater on a cold day, and they know you love them anyway. Many dog breeds really do need the extra warmth of a coat in the winter and knitting one is a great way to keep them comfortable. Your pup will appreciate the extra layer, and you get to make them look extra cute by knitting them a sweater.

Knit Patterns for Pets

With the right selection of yarn and free knit patterns for your pets, you can make dog coats, toys, hats and more! Bernat and Caron yarn are both great yarns to use in dog coats thanks to their warmth and durability. Both yarns are machine washable and dryable, which will be important qualities in a dog coat. You don’t have to worry about your dog rolling around on the ground at the dog park just because they’re wearing their coat. Toss it in the wash and forget about it. Knitting your dog a coat should be about enjoying life outdoors with your faithful companion.

Knit Dog Sweater Patterns

Want to see Fido in an adorable knit hoodie? Love the holidays and want to give your pooch a big red sweater decorated with snowflakes? Look no further. You will find all kinds of knit dog sweater patterns here for the taking. Knitting for your dog is a fantastic way to keep them warm in the winter, but you can also find patterns for knitted dog and cat toys to keep them playful and entertained as well.

Show your canine how much you love them with a cute and warm handmade dog sweater. There are lots of styles and free knit pet patterns to choose from.

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