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Charity Knit Patterns

Yarnspirations is a huge champion of crafting for charity, and we think it’s so important to give back to the community with needles and yarn. Whether you make afghans for a homeless shelter, preemie caps for the NICU, or pet beds for your local animal rescue, our charity patterns are quick and easy, helping you make an impact in someone’s life. Please consider knitting or crocheting one (or more!) of these projects and donating them to your favorite cause.

Knitting for Charity

It’s easy to combine your passion for knitting with contributing to a good cause. There’s a constant demand for warm garments and other knitting projects for babies, adults and pets. These free quick knitting patterns can help you make a big difference in the world doing what you love.

Great Knitting Patterns for Charity Knitters

Many of our knitting patterns for charity knitters are easy and great for beginners. If you want to give back for the holiday season, select one or more of these great charity knitting projects and donate to a local homeless shelter. In the winter, homeless shelters constantly need warm blankets, hats, scarves, and mittens.

If you’re an animal lover, you can help your local animal shelter with free patterns, including adorable knitted pet beds for dogs and cats. Check out our design for Lily Sugar’n Cream knit catnip candy toys that you can send to your local cat shelter. Good luck trying to keep your own kitties from pouncing these!

Charity Knitting Patterns for Babies

Another great charity knitting project is wee knit caps for the NICU. These beginner designs are quick and easy to finish and will keep you busy. Charity knitting patterns for babies are a great way to give back and practice your knitting skills.

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