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Charity Stitchers

Share some handmade treasures with your loved ones and your local charities this year.

The crafting world is a generous one, and charitable stitchers continue to inspire us with their willingness to lend a helping hand to those in need. Whether it's spreading positivity through random acts of crochet, knitting hats for infants, crocheting blankets for shelters or funding a whole library, stitchers will always find a way to meet a need through their talents and creativity.

Earlier this year we asked the community to nominate a friend who knits or crochets for charity to be considered for our Charity Stitchers Award. We wanted to hear your stories about the community members who make the world a little lighter and brighter with their handiwork, and you did not disappoint!

We're so happy to introduce you to Susan Moser, Jess Judkins, Kelly Martino, and Jonah Larson. These Charity Stitchers reflect the different paths we can take to show up for our community, and how a simple act can inspire others to do the same. To honor all the selfless work they do, we have named four patterns in our newest Charity Collection after them. This collection is full of donation-friendly patterns, from the tiniest hats to warming afghans and mitts.

Shawls for Sharing

Craft some colorful pieces to gift or donate

image of Kelly Martino introdution

Kelly Martino

Kelly spends most of her year crocheting blankets she can donate to various Toronto shelters and programs once the cold weather arrives. She’d been diligently following her ritual for 20 years, sharing the process with friends and family along the way, when the isolation of lockdowns prompted her to open her Instagram page and share her community makes with the world. Read more...

tiny treasure

Gifts to shower the baby with love

image of Jess Judkins introdution

Jess Judkins

Inspired by her son’s desire to brighten the day of coffee shop customers waiting in line for their morning brew, Jess began stitching up coffee sleeves to pass out in 2013. Her whimsical designs carry playful themes, with nods to Vincent Van Gogh, Dolly Parton, and much more. Read More...

the essentials

Thoughtful gifts to spread joy.

Susan Moser introdution

Susan Moser

When it comes to the West Los Angeles Knitting Group, Susan wears many hats. The group contributes generously to a local public hospital that serves vulnerable communities, stitching up hand-made hats and blankets for babies in the newborn wing. Far beyond simply making goods to give, Susan leads her group’s donation process at every stage from securing yarn to donation drop-off. Read More...

blanket with care

Wrap up with some love and warmth.

Jonah Larson introdution

Jonah Larson

Jonah is on a mission to bring the world closer together one stitch at a time. The teenage crocheter has been using his talents and platform to raise money and support for the education of youth in Ethiopia since he was 11 years old. Read more...

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