Crochet Baby Cocoon with a twist!

Hey there, Brittany here again from B.hooked!

Have you ever been so excited about a finished project that you can’t wipe the grin off your face? This is what I’m experiencing after completing the new Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon, a brand new pattern from the May Mindful Making Lookbook, with a little twist.

You may recall back in March I worked on the Simple Chevron Baby Blanket with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn for my niece. I ordered far more yarn than I needed (I know you can relate!) and I’ve been on the lookout for another Bernat Baby Blanket pattern ever since.

Crochet Froggie Baby Cocoon Eyes

The Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon was perfect! I could use some of my stashed Baby Blanket yarn and create something adorable and functional at the same time. I have to admit, the Bernat Blanket yarn line is one of my absolute favorites. Anytime I want to create something incredibly soft in half the time, I go to Bernat Blanket yarn.

Bernat Baby Blanket yarn is perfect for this cocoon. Even though it is a thick yarn, it creates a lightweight fabric. Perfect for a cocoon, especially now as the weather is finally warming up! It’s snuggly and just the right amount of warm. I kind of want one for myself!

The inspiration to turn my cocoon into a little frog didn’t come until about halfway through. I chose the Bernat Baby Blanket lemon lime shade because I’m going through a green phase! After working up a few rounds of the textured pattern, I started to see the vision. “This would be a cute little frog!” I thought but didn’t get really excited until it all came together, and I sewed the eyes in place. Isn’t it funny how creativity unfolds?

To help you through this project, I filmed a tutorial that will walk you through the techniques included in the Bernat Crochet Baby Cocoon pattern and I also take some time to relate what you’re seeing on screen to what you’re reading in the pattern. This is a great way to learn to read crochet patterns!


Watch the Crochet Baby Cocoon Video Tutorial

Now I couldn’t help but write up the pattern for the eyes so you can create a little frog too! You can find the eye pattern and assembly pictorial on my blog,

I’ll see you there!

Crochet Froggie Baby Cocoon Eyes


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