Crochet Summer Ripple Afghan Tutorial

Hey friends, Brittany here from B.Hooked!

When was the last time you saw a gorgeous ripple throw but thought for sure it would be too complicated for you to make? I’m here to tell you that you can do it but first, why? Why ripples?

Ripples are a wonderful way to incorporate modern style with traditional roots into your home decor. The flow of the design, for me, invites a comforting rhythm – representing the ebbs and flows that make up our lives. What’s more thrilling than creating a statement piece that has internal meaning as well?

What about personal style? Crochet ripples come in all shapes, sizes and color potential allowing you to be true to your style, no matter what that looks like. The pattern can transform into exactly what you want it to be!

Your first ripple crochet afghan will be a special one no doubt and I think the Summer Ripple Afghan is the perfect place to start. First of all, it’s unique. The ripple pattern is something I’ve never seen or crocheted before but most importantly, it’s easy. With just a single row repeat, you’ll be able to focus on the calming flow of stitches rather than fret over repeats.

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with this beauty is choose your color palette. I personally love the red, white and blue theme here, but I encourage you to find the three colors you are most drawn to. I am captivated by blues so it’s no surprise that my palette is made up of dark country blue, light country blue and (just for fun) off white tweed from the Caron Simply Soft yarn collection. I'm a big fan of Caron Simply Soft because it's available in so many colors, making it easy to choose varying shades of blues! If you haven't checked out Caron Simply Soft yarns it's worth taking a look, there are so many colors and variegates available. It's one of my favorite yarns to go to when trying to find color inspiration.

Summer Ripple Afghan in Caron Simply Soft by Yarnspirations

It’s my pleasure to show you just how simple this stitch pattern is and how easily you can create an heirloom for your home. Watch my video tutorial below, and learn how to make this afghan!

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