Stitch Your Emotions

Crocheting a blanket that reflects your daily emotions is the ultimate therapy session for us Makers. Picture this: You pick up your yarn and hook, and as you loop and stitch, you're not just making a blanket — you're crafting a visual diary of your feelings.

Image of blanket work in progress

Each color, each stitch, tells a story. Maybe Mondays are all about vibrant yellows, representing that fresh start energy. Tuesdays might be a mix of blues and greens, a calming palette to ease you into the week. Wednesdays? Well, they could be a wild mix of bright pinks and purples, reflecting that mid-week madness. And as Friday rolls around, you might find yourself reaching for warm oranges and reds, signaling the excitement of the weekend ahead.

Here are a few of my favourite yarns to stitch with.

Caron Yarns
Bernat Yarns
Red Heart Yarns

But it's not just about the colors; it's about the process. With each loop, you're processing your emotions, channeling them into something tangible. It's therapeutic to watch your blanket grow, stitch by stitch, day by day. And on those tough days, when everything feels overwhelming, you can wrap yourself up in your blanket, knowing that each thread holds a piece of your journey.

A woman with bunnies made from bernat yarns
Bunnies and Blanket

Plus, there's something incredibly satisfying about creating something with your own hands. In a world dominated by screens and instant gratification, crocheting slows us down. It forces us to be present, to focus on the task at hand. And in doing so, it gives us a sense of accomplishment, a reminder that we have the power to create beauty out of chaos.

So yeah, crocheting a blanket based on your daily emotions? It's more than just a craft project. It's a form of self-care, a way to process our feelings and find solace in creativity. And in a world that's constantly moving, sometimes that's exactly what we need.