Introducing Red Heart Heat Wave

Red Heart Heat Wave™ is a revolutionary new yarn activated by sunlight, generating an extra 12°F of heat. This patented technology is spun right into the yarn and fabric care is easy, simply wash and tumble dry on low.

Whether it’s a sunny, crisp winter morning or a cloudy autumn afternoon, ultraviolet light heats up the yarn, keeping you comfortable. With Heat Wave yarn, you and your family will be prepared for the great outdoors with warmth and style. Forget layering your clothes—shed that bulk and be free.

You’re going to love these 15 free patterns this cold-weather season. So go ahead and knit or crochet using the yarn that gives that warm, Red Heart-ed feeling!

Shed the Layers

Since Red Heart Heat Wave generates heat outside, it's almost like being inside. You'll be cozy outdoors where the technology is activated by the sun, and you'll cool right back down when you come inside.

Share the Warmth

Relax in a sun-heated Red Heart Heat Wave blanket while you're having a picnic, enjoying the autumn scenery or cheering for your team.

Warm Up Your Wardrobe

Dress light while staying comfy with these stylish knit and crochet hat and scarf designs.

Pets Need Warmth Too

Hot Dog! Keep your furry friend extra toasty with a super cute sweater made in Red Heart Heat Wave.

Check Out These Hot New Shades

With color names like Beach Ball, Bikini and Sandy Shores, you'll already be feeling those warm vibes before you even start stitching!