Crochet A Gingham Blanket with Daisy Farm Crafts

Tiffany Brown of Daisy Farm Crafts shares the inspiration behind her classic crochet gingham baby blanket patterns and her new herringbone half double crochet version, now on See her latest inspiring free pattern, find out her top color picks of Caron Simply Soft, and get her how-to tips for carrying yarn. Make your own version of this blanket for the perfect baby shower gift!

Hello crochet friends, I’m Tiffany from Daisy Farm Crafts, and I am so thrilled to have one of my very favorite gingham patterns shared by the team on! I have been making gingham blankets for about three years now, and to be able to design a new pattern and have it shared with so many around the world overwhelms me with gratitude and love for the simple art of crochet.

I think about how amazing it is that I can design a project to be shared and hands get to work making the same thing to share with others. It’s my favorite part of crochet and brings the art form so close to my heart.

This simple gingham design had its start on a tour bus ride in the middle of North Carolina. My friend Laura and I were sharing in our love of crochet by scrolling Pinterest and Instagram pointing out to each other what we liked. Laura then told me that she loved gingham, and if I ever could figure out a way to design a simple blanket, without involving granny squares, she’d be thrilled.

I was up for the challenge and I started brainstorming. My first attempt was using the corner to corner crochet method, and although the blanket turned out beautifully, it was too complicated with so many different color changes in every row.

I had never known how to carry yarn and had never heard of tapestry crochet before, but I studied a stitch book that had a checkerboard pattern and that introduced me to the concept of carrying yarn. Once I figured that out, finally a little light bulb went off and gingham was born.

My very first gingham blanket was made with White, Strawberry and Soft Pink in Caron Simply Soft — the very same colors I’ve used for this blanket. I love them so much! I have a few more suggestions for you though if you need other options in the Caron Simply Soft line:

Any of those will give you an amazing gingham blanket.

If you happen to want to see a knitted version of our pink gingham design, our friend Elizabeth from Elizabeth Park Collections in Australia has designed one using the garter stitch. I think you can see that the pink gingham blanket is a Daisy Farm classic and it brings me so much joy to see so many of them being made around the world.

If you are new to hearing about me and Daisy Farm Crafts, one thing I’d like you to know is I’m a wannabe grandma that started crocheting and sharing what I was making in hopes my grandma dreams would come true. I’m still at it! I’m so grateful the team at Yarnspirations found me and wanted to share a few of my designs. It’s such a blessing. Every gingham blanket feels like an extra good thought sent my way and I thank you so much.

Enjoy making your gingham blanket! I know it will turn out so beautiful for you!