The Road to Gold Challenge

Inspired by this year’s Winter Games, the Road to Gold challenge is designed to help you step up your stitching skills by completing a fun and rewarding project before the Closing Ceremonies.

Want to get on the Road to Gold? Here’s how it works:

First, determine your skill level:

* If you’re new to knitting or crocheting, master the fundamentals and learn some new techniques by taking on one of our Bronze medal projects!

* Got more than the basic skills under your belt, and looking for a challenge? Try out one of our Silver medal projects.

* Are you an experienced knitter or crocheter looking for a project that lets your advanced skills shine? Our Gold medal projects are just for you!

Once you know what medal you’ll be going for, it’s time to choose your project!

Featured Project Bright Diamonds Cowl

Bright Diamonds Knit Cowl

Featured Project Winter Weather Set

Winter Weather Set

Once you’ve picked your perfect project, it’s time to get started! Don’t forget to tell us about what you’re making and share pictures of your progress with us on Facebook and Twitter!