Knit and Crochet Trend Predictions for 2020

Now that it’s 2020, it is time to think about what trends might arise in the new year. Even though trend predictions are always a bit of a guessing game, I have put together a list of my guesses just for you! Keep reading to find out all my predictions, as well as which yarn shades I think will be popular in this year.


Knit and crochet headbands came back in a big way last year, and I am predicting this trend is here to stay! All stitched headbands have been trending, but the twist headband has become a cold weather favorite. Adding texture to headbands has also become a great way to have fun with this trend. A few of my favorite headband patterns include the Bernat Twisted Knit Headband, the Caron Cozy Posy Headband, the Bernat Twisted Step-Sister Headband, and the Red Heart Sporty Headband.

Bernat Nordic Holiday Pillow

Red Heart Nordic Stripes Crochet Blanket

Red Heart Nordic Stripes Crochet Blanket

I have a feeling this year will be all about the fiery red shades (especially as we get into early spring) – try creating your headband with a bright red shade like Caron Simply Soft in Red!

Caron Simply Soft in Red

Skinny Scarves

In fashion everything eventually comes back, and some indicators say it’s the time for the skinny scarf to make a comeback! Rock this look with classic knit and crochet patterns like the Red Heart Reversible Color Pop Scarf, crochet a couple Red Heart Long & Skinny Scarf, the Red Heart Skinny Scarf or if you are a beginner check out the Red Heart Beginner Knit Skinny Scarf.

Red Heart Long & Skinny Scarf

Red Heart Skinny Scarf

Red Heart Beginner Knit Skinny Scarf

Royal blue and classic blue, like the Pantone Color of the Year, have become super popular shades. Add a touch of blue to your scarf with Red Heart Super Saver in Royal.

Red Heart Super Saver Royal

Top Down Tunics

Top down tunics are a comfy favorite year-round. They can be paired with leggings (I’m so glad those are back in style!) as well as skinny jeans. Top down tunics are fantastic, as they are available in a wide range of sizes, plus they are a great piece to throw on any casual outfit to add some stylish flare. Find inspiration with these beautiful tunic patterns: the Red Heart Tanya Tunic, the Caron Top Down Knit Pullover, the Red Heart Tunisian Star Stitch Pullover or the Bernat Striped Yoke Women’s Pullover.

Red Heart Tanya Tunic

Caron Top Down Knit Pullover

Red Heart Tunisian Star Stitch Pullover

There are dozens of garment-ready yarns, from Red Heart It’s a Wrap, to Patons Alpaca Blend, that come in beautiful shades plus turn your perfect tunic into a reality! The natural shades are some of my faves for this upcoming season.

Red Heart It’s a Wrap

Patons Alpaca Blend

Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor was a popular style last year – and it seems that its popularity is still growing! This home décor style includes neutrals, simple designs, tassels, and fun pops of accent colors. Add some boho farmhouse décor to your home with the following knit and crochet patterns: the Red Heart Buffalo Plaid Crochet Stadium Blanket, the Bernat Twisted Stitch Knit Blanket, the Bernat Crochet Basket with Handles and the Caron Texture and Fringe Knit Pillow!

Red Heart Buffalo Plaid Crochet Stadium Blanket

Bernat Twisted Stitch Knit Blanket

Bernat Crochet Basket with Handles

When it comes to Farmhouse style, I love working with Bernat Maker Big. Mossy greens are a huge hit during the early spring, try Bernat Maker Big in the shade Chartreuse for a beautiful touch in the upcoming months.

Bernat Maker Big

What do you think will be trending in 2020? Let us know what patterns are popping up on your radar, plus give us your thoughts on all your favorite shades!

Have a Happy New Year!