Hoooos ready to get stitching? Get your crochet hooks ready for another fall / winter Crochet Along with Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me, it’s sure to be a real hoot!

Over the course of three weeks, we’ll be stitching up a trio of squishable owl toys in the super-soft Bernat Blanket O’Go. These owls are a perfect project for crocheters looking to spread their wings and stitch their first stuffie. Bernat Blanket O’Go's expansive shade range allows for truly customizable and gift-worthy toys. Create one or create a whole flock – the sky’s the limit!

Follow each week as we bring this adorable toy together in separate parts. Make sure to share your progress along the way on the Yarnspirations Stitch Squad Group, tag @Yarnspirations on Instagram and tag your posts with #YARNSPO. We're excited to see how you customize your trio!


Owl Along with Marly Bird

Welcome to lesson 1 of this year’s cool weather Crochet Along - Ollie O’Go Owl Toy Trio, hosted by Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me!

In this lesson you will learn how to open your O’Go, how to separate the colors, and get started on stitching up the body and head of the owl. This week’s homework includes building the base of this cute critter by making a magic ring and working a series of single crochets and decreases in the round, changing colors once you reach the head. You can start adding your polyfill at this stage to give the bottom structure. Make sure to leave the head open as you’ll be stitching details onto the head in weeks 2 and 3.

Tip: Leave a long tail on your last row so you can seam it shut later.

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Owl Along lesson 1 Knit


Owl Along with Sarah

Ready for lesson 2? This week we’ll be creating two eyes, two wings, two feet using a combination of magic rings and single crochets. Use whichever colors you like, but we recommend dipping into your third color for the beak and feet to make them pop. Don’t attach your components just yet, as we’ll be putting them all together in our next lesson!

Tip: Use the diagrams in your pattern to learn how Sarah achieved the “webbed” look of the feet.

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Owl Along lesson 2 Knit

Lesson 3: ASSEMBLY

Owl Along with Sarah

Welcome to the final week of our Crochet Along! In this lesson we’ll be putting all our pieces together to make this owl toy come to life. Attach the eyes and beak to the head using a tapestry needle, add the rest of your stuffing and then stitch the head shut once you’re happy with the shape. Finish by attaching the wings and feet to the body of the owl. Use the rows on the owl’s head as a reference to make sure the eyes align perfectly. You can customize the ear size by adding a few extra stitches while you’re sewing the head shut to make them more prominent.

Tip: You can choose the safety eye size that feels best to you, or stitch up two pupils by creating a magic ring and 6 single crochets in a black worsted weight yarn.

Don't have supplies? Get info about what you need to join the Crochet Along here.

Owl Along lesson 3 Knit