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Crochet Your Dog’s Coat or Pet Bed. Free Patterns!

Create something adorable that will be the envy of all the other dog owners on the street or at the dog park. Once you tell them that you made it yourself, be prepared for them to ask you to make them one.

Our dogs give us so much love and joy every single day. So, give your best friend something homemade, warm, and fuzzy. We know they will love it as much as you’ll love making it.

Crochet Dog Coats

Download a free pattern to crochet your furry little friend something amazing to wear.

All of our patterns come with an itemized list of everything you need, detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide you.

Create something classic like our Bernat Crochet Dog Coat. Or make something irresistible like our fun Bernat That's Bananas! Crochet Dog Coat.

Most of our designs are relatively easy and perfect for beginners who are new to crochet. Download and start today!

Crochet Dog Accessories

Besides coats, we also offer soft and warm places for your favorite pooch to lie down. Crochet them a pet bed like our Bernat Crochet Paw Blanket or our Bernat Easy Crochet Pet Bed.

Crochet For Pet Charities

Check out our Let’s Make a Difference Lookbook for 13 heartwarming projects to do for any charity, including your local animal shelter. Create something beautiful and help out a great cause in the process.

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