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Caron x Pantone Pattern Collection
Knitting with a luxuriously soft merino wool blend yarn like Caron x Pantone makes beautiful handmade knit garments. This yarn’s unique braid and its expertly chosen color palettes make it ideal for those looking to create sophisticated fair isle knit patterns or any other type of stranded colorwork. Plus, this yarn’s light and lofty texture creates beautiful stitch definition that really shows off your knitting technique especially when knitting garter stitch or brioche knitting since it further enhances the three-dimensional qualities of these stitches. It’s a great yarn for knitting fashionable fall ready garments or cozy winter essentials like sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves and cowls.

Caron x Pantone Crochet Patterns

Crocheting with a soft, full spectrum yarn like Caron x Pantone makes it easy for any crocheter to incorporate colorwork in their crochet patterns. With the ability to separate each individual link in a braid crocheters can customize how the order of their colors appear, making for crochet patterns that are unique to you using expertly chosen color palettes. The light and lofty feel of this yarn and its unique twist make for incredible stitch definition, perfectly showing off your crochet techniques. It’s a beautiful yarn to use for creating granny square and dense stitches giving a three-dimensional effect to crochet patterns. This yarn makes for beautiful handmade crochet projects that are perfectly fashionable for fall and cozy for winter.