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Image of Bobbles, Clusters, and Popcorns thumbnail

Bobbles, Clusters, and Popcorns

Crochet this gorgeous trendy afghan. This isn't just any ordinary wave afghan, it's the Ocean Waves Afghan.

Image of Invisible Mattress Stitch How-To thumbnail

Invisible Mattress Stitch How-To

Learn easy seaming techniques: mattress stitch on Stockinette stitch and garter stitch.

Image of Crochet Shells and Lace thumbnail

Crochet Shells and Lace

Learning how to make crochet shells while creating a stunning shawl.

Image of Learn basic Left-handed Crochet thumbnail

Learn basic Left-handed Crochet

Left-handed crocheting is easy when you know how.

Image of Zippers Exposed! thumbnail

Zippers Exposed!

Have you noticed how often exposed zippers are showing up these days? Zippers are being installed with their teeth exposed …