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Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie Review

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Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie is a great go-to 100% cotton yarn! I love making all sorts of projects for the home with it, for several reasons.

Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie

Cotton yarn is one of my favorite yarns to work with simply because I love the way it feels in my hands as I crochet and knit with it. And Scrubby Smoothie is indeed delightfully smooth and soft.

And then there’s the versatility! You can make just about anything from cotton yarn, from home goods to wearables. Plus, you really need to use 100% cotton to make most kitchen items – both for absorbency, and so it doesn’t melt from hot dishes.


With over 20 colors to choose from, you can craft almost anything with Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie! And let’s talk about that color for a minute. If you’ve crocheted with cotton yarns before, you may have noticed that the colors can run during washing. I know I learned that the hard way. So, I did a test, and crocheted red and white Scrubby Smoothie together, and threw it in the wash – check out the results in the video below!


Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie has become a favorite of mine for designing, and I’ve used it to create many fun projects. There are over a dozen craft, crochet, and knit patterns here on Yarnspirations for this yarn – from dishcloths to table décor, tote bags to garments. So many ideas to explore.

And one of them is by me! I designed the Red Heart Santa Cloth Dishcloth combining Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie and Scrubby Cotton. Plus, I made a video tutorial for it – it’s a fun pattern for new crocheters, as it is made almost all in single crochet!

I really enjoy stitching with Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie. It feels great on the hook and needles, the colors don’t bleed, and I love the way it looks worked up! I hope you’ll give it a try too!