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Bernat Maker Home Dec Review

Bernat Maker Home Dec creates smooth and squishy knit and crochet projects with amazing stitch definition. And the yarn itself is so unique – it’s totally tubular!

Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn

Tubular yarn is a real thing – and it’s really fun to stitch with! Bernat Maker Home Dec isn’t roving or plied, or even thread. It’s a long long long (but rather small around) cotton knit tube filled with nylon stuffing! The resulting yarn feels like lovely cool t-shirt cotton in the hand, with a phenomenal amount of squishiness.

After the construction and feel, the next thing you’re likely to notice about Bernat Maker Home Dec is the stitch definition. Because there’s no twist in the yarn itself, and absolutely no fuzziness, each strand of each stitch stands out clear as day.

This makes this yarn perfect for all sorts of textured and interesting stitches! And it’s ideal for new learners. Although it’s different from most other yarns you’ll use, with Maker Home Dec you can see every strand of every stitch, and you can see exactly how stitches are formed as you crochet or knit them. And you never have to worry about splitting the yarn with your hook or needles!

As the name implies, Bernat Maker Home Dec is wonderful for home décor patterns and projects. And you can really play with the stiffness of the fabric by changing hook sizes too! There are over 45 free patterns here on Yarnspirations for this yarn - blankets and pillows, rugs and baskets, bags and wall hangings.

I really enjoy stitching with Bernat Maker Home Dec. It’s works up so beautifully, and the bright happy colors are perfect for modern décor. Try it with an old pattern and see how it freshens up the look – in every room of your home!