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Introducing Bernat Symphony

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Bernat Symphony

Bernat® Symphony™ is a soft, lightly brushed, roving yarn. With a soft wool blend and a suite of beautifully phased tones, it stitches up to create a plush, full fabric that is full of color. Perfect for home decor projects this phasing, color changing shade range knits or crochets to create plush on trend textured projects. Bernat® Symphony™ is a bulky weight yarn designed in the same tension as Bernat® Freesia™ and Bernat® Velvet™. Select your project and make it three different ways for a multi-textured home décor.

Bernat Symphony

Bernat Waves & Leaves Crochet Blanket

The colors of Bernat® Symphony™ are a masterpiece! The rich, earthy tones stitch together to make beautiful music. From the solid mineral colors of Granite and Pebbles to soothing shades like Seashell and Sea Spray, the collection of colors is vast. Bolder, more saturated blends include Pomegranate, Autumn Maple, Royal and Brocade. Each phased color combination is perfectly designed to create beautiful knitted and crocheted pieces that are as pleasing to the eye as music is to the ear.

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