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Introducing: Caron Big Donut O’Go

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o’go tangle-free, quick-start

Caron® Big Donut™ O’Go™ is a versatile worsted weight yarn in the new O’Go format. The innovative O’Go format allows for quick-start tangle-free stitching. The coordinated stripes in Caron Big Donut O'Go are easy to separate, or stitch straight through as they are. Colorwork and customization has never been easier or more convenient.

Tangle-free. Quick-start.


1. Snip

Gently locate the fastener cord where the two ends of O’Go meet. Snip.


2. Pull

Holding the join, pull fastener cord out of O’Go.


3. Stitch

The yarn flows smoothly from the outside of O’Go. No tangles.

Caron Big Donut O'Go comes in colors that will make your mouth water. From yummy Choco-Blueberry to tangy Raspberry Glazed, the coordinated colors and scrumptious shades will get your creative juices flowing along with solid tones like Vanilla Glaze, Chocolate Dip, and Fireberry. Caron Big Donut O'Go comes in just the right flavor for your next project.