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15 Ways to Celebrate National Crochet Month

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What is National Crochet Month?

In 1994, the Craft & Hobby Association named March “National Craft Month”, to celebrate the creativity of crafting. Six years later, the Crochet Guild of America named March “National Crochet Month”, to promote the art of crochet and engage enthusiasts and experts. With this, March has become an excellent time to celebrate all crafts, especially crochet!

15 Ways to Celebrate NatCroMo

We have put together a list of 15 exciting ways to celebrate crochet during National Crochet Month!

1. Learn something new

No matter how advanced you are, there is always something new to learn. Whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for years, take this month as an opportunity to expand your skills. If you are a beginner you may want to learn the basics, then expand into more intricate things such as popcorns, bobbles and post stitches. Experts can learn niche techniques including tapestry crochet, Tunisian crochet and hairpin lace, or simply brush up on skills such as reading a charts and measuring gauge.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Beginners: Try out our Beginner Crochet Program and become a pro in no time. Sign up today: Beginner Series
  • Experienced or Advanced: We have a series of Beyond Basic tutorials to help you expand your knowledge.

2. Take a local crochet class

Some of the best places to take classes are closer than you think. Check out classes at yarn stores, colleges and libraries. See if there’s one you can join today!

3. Get a book from the library, bookstore, or online stores

Some crocheters work best in a classroom, but others thrive with the help of books! If that sounds like you, there are plenty of crochet instructional books for both beginner and advanced crafters.

4. Learn new skills from a friend or family member

Crochet brings crafters closer together. Asking someone close to you to teach you new skills can be so fulfilling! You will get to build a closer bond through the art of crochet.

5. Teach someone how to crochet

Teach someone how to crochet

Are you an experienced crocheter? Celebrate the craft by passing it along. Teach others your skills and help this amazing community grow. Here are a few ideas:

  • Offer to teach a beginner’s class at your local yarn store. Go on in, meet the owner and ask about hosting a class or workshop.
  • Offer to help another teacher. Maybe you don’t feel prepared to teach your own class this month but could assist another teacher who already has a class planned.
  • Teach a class at your local elementary school. By the age of 7 or 8 most children have the motor skills necessary to hold the yarn and hook and learn basic crochet.
  • Teach your family. In exchange, maybe you could learn a hobby that they love.
  • Teach a friend or someone in your social group. There are a lot of people in your life who might like to learn if you just offer them the chance.

6. Volunteer as a crochet instructor

Volunteer at your local nursing home, community center or school. There may be local communities looking for extra helping hands during crochet groups or classes. You may meet crafters who already know how to crochet, but you can help remind or guide them, even teach them a new pattern. We have a large array of free patterns, perfect for volunteers: Patterns.

7. Crochet for charity

Shelters, hospitals and charitable organizations are always looking for handmade crochet items. This month try crocheting for charity. If you are looking for places to donate, we have put together a list of our favorite local and national organizations that accept crochet donations. Get inspired to crochet your donations with our Charity Stitchers Lookbook, perfect for charity projects.

8. Crochet with other crafters

Get together with friends to crochet! Plan a crochet party, dinner or small get together to celebrate National Crochet Month.

9. Join a crochet stitching group

Check with local yarn stores, craft shops, libraries, and community centers to see if there’s an existing group you can join. If you can’t find one, start one! Host a crochet meetup, by posting an announcement on social media or your local community bulletin board, letting everyone know you are starting a weekly crochet group.

10. Become a member of an online Crochet Community

There are so many Facebook Groups for those of us with a passion for crochet! Groups give you the opportunity to make friends online, share your ongoing projects, and ask questions. The Yarnspirations Stitch Squad is an awesome online community and a great place to celebrate NatCroMo. Another way to join an online community is to sign up for Ravelry! Ravelry is a social networking site for yarn crafters that offers many groups and forums.

11. Crochet in public

Show your love for the craft by stitching in a park, on your commute home, or at lunch with friends! Someone may ask you about it, giving you the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts on why it’s a terrific hobby.

12. Share why you love crochet

Share why you love crochet

Let people know why you love crochet. Write a blog or social media post and share your passion with the growing online crochet community. Join our Facebook Group, Yarnspirations Stitch Squad and share with the group your love for the craft.

13. Follow Stitch Ambassadors

As the online crochet community grows, more experts emerge online! Get inspired by our favorite crochet experts – the Stitch Ambassadors. They inspire us with their creativity and amazing free patterns. Start following our: Stitch Ambassadors.

14. Invest in new crochet supplies

Invest in new crochet supplies

March is a great month to give yourself a treat and stock up on crochet supplies. Try out new yarn, get yourself some new hooks and accessories and indulge in the world of crochet. If you are looking for cool supplies, try out Red Heart Heat Wave a revolutionary yarn that keeps you warm on a cold day, or check out Susan Bates Ergonomic Crochet Hooks, which provide uniform stitching and reduced wrist strain.

15. Get active on Social Media

Yarnspirations offers daily inspiration over on social media. Follow us and don’t miss any of the amazing daily inspirational shares, patterns, and video tutorials – all perfect for NatCroMo! Follow us on:

Of course the simplest way to celebrate National Crochet Month is to crochet! Take out your yarn and hook and start crocheting. We have hundreds of crochet patterns and video tutorials to help you get inspired and start stitching. Check out our Free Patterns and Video Library, then share your progress with us on social media!

Happy National Crochet Month!