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Let's Learn Latch

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what is latch hook?

Are you looking for a new accent rug or wall hanging? A latch hook project may be what you’re looking for! But what exactly is latch hooking? In short, you are using a special hook to attach pieces of yarn to a gridded canvas. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to make the Bernat Full Cup Latch Wall Hanging in Bernat Forever Fleece. You can also have fun choosing yarn and colors that coordinate with your living space or choose from one of the many Wonder Art kits available.

Canvas: There are different kinds of latch hook canvas to choose from. The most common sizes of the grid can be 3.3 knots per inch, 3.75 knots per inch, or 5 knots per inch. It should be noted that much like gauge in knitting or crochet, choosing how many knots per inch determines the size of a stitch and the over-all size of a finished piece. The fewer knots per inch, the smaller your finished project will be. It is important in cases where you choose a different size grid that you count how many squares you will be working, as opposed to only going from finished measurements.

You can also find canvas that is either gridded or not gridded. Gridded canvas has blue lines woven into the canvas to mark a grid of 10 x 10 squares. This is particularly helpful when working on larger pieces and can keep you on track with your diagram. Canvas that is not gridded works up just the same, but you may need to pay closer attention to where you are in a pattern. If you are unable to find gridded canvas, you can mark a 10 x 10 square grid with a marker.

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Latch Tool: There are a couple of options for you to choose from when it comes to the latch hook tool you will be using. There is the straight hook and bent hook. Personally, I find the bent hook more comfortable to use.

Yarn: With both 3.3 and 3.75 canvas, worsted weight (size 4) or bulky (size 5) yarns would work best. In the project we are working on today, we have used Bernat Forever Fleece, a bulky weight, super soft yarn, that works up well in a latch project. The variety of shades that Red Heart Super Saver provides would make a great choice for latch, or the wooliness of Patons Classic Wool would make a lovely heirloom project.

how to latch hook


Step 1: Make latch yarn pieces. Wrap yarn around piece of cardboard. Cut across one end of the cardboard. Repeat this step as many times as needed to make all the pieces of yarn required.

Step 1, of 1

Step 1, of 1

Step 2: With the yarn you have cut and the latch tool, follow the chart in the pattern. Take the coordinating shade you need and fold it in half over the ‘neck’ of the latch tool. Insert the latch tool under and up the indicated square, then catch yarn tails inside of hook, making sure the latch closes around both tails. Pull through and you’ve made your first stitch! Repeat this step following the chart until complete.

Step 2, of 1

Step 2, of 2

Step 2, of 3

Step 2, of 4

Step 2, of 5

Step 2, of 8

Step 2, of 9

Step 2, of 10

Step 2, of 11

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If you’re feeling creative, you can add additional texture and interest to your work by using your scissors to sculpt out certain areas to highlight. With high and low pile lengths, your project can become three-dimensional.

Step 4: Finish the edges of your work by folding the raw edges to the back and sewing them in place with coordinating yarn.

Step 4 of 1, Finsih the edges

1. Trim evenly around edges of work leaving 2 squares fully intact. Trim and remove corners.

Step 4 of 2, Finsih the edges

2. Fold unfinished squares to wrong side of work.

Step 4 of 3, Finsih the edges

3. With needle and 2 strands of yarn held together, whip stitch around unfinished squares, working down and around unfinished edge on right side of work. When whip stitching around each 4th set of squares, also work under one strand on wrong side of canvas to secure folded edge in place.

4. Tie off strands to secure and weave in ends.

And tah dah! You’ve made a lovely project. The Yarnspirations team would love to see any of the latch projects you make. Use #YARNSPO to share your photos and tag us @yarnspirations on Instagram or find us on Facebook.

Check out our Wonder Art kits to get crafty with even more creative latch hook projects!


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