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Stitch Ambassador: Knifty Knittings

Knifty Knittings
Knifty Knittings

I'm Destiny, the knitter and designer behind Knifty Knittings. I'm a born and raised Alaskan, living and knitting in the Midwest with my husband and precocious toddler. A good friend taught me to knit in college over a decade ago, and I haven’t stopped since! I mostly stuck to simple knits – hats and scarves – for years. During one of our moves for my husband’s schooling, I managed a yarn shop for a while and started knitting more complicated projects – sweaters, blankets, lace, etc. I opened my shop years ago, but in fall of 2015 I started devoting a lot of time and energy into creating new items and patterns. I love knitting little things for my daughter and creating original knitting patterns. My idea of a perfect afternoon involves a chilly day, hot coffee, knitting and Netflix. Feel free to get cozy, and have a look around!

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