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Jestena's Inspiring Hats and Such

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Because I'm such an avid knitter and crochet things pop up in my newsfeed on Facebook and one day, Jestena's Inspiring Hats and Such appeared. Curious, I clicked onto Jestena's page where I found a lovely young girl who has taken it upon herself to do something good for her community and those all across the United States.

At the young age of 10 years old Jestena has decided to knit hats for cancer patients who have lost their hair, and donate hats and scarves to the homeless. Jestena who hails from Nebraska, learned to knit from her Grandma Julie when she was 8 years old. According to Jestena's mom, Tracy, Jestena took to knitting right away. Every time she went to Grandma Julie's house she just had to knit! She carried her knitting bag everywhere she went, even to school. Jestena loves to knit with 2 needles and she enjoys using a loom. The next thing Jestena wants to learn is how to knit with circular needles. It takes Jestena anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to make a hat, depending on the size and accessories she uses. Recently she donated a box of hats to a local homeless shelter, and mailed her first hat the the U.K.

Jestena has been knitting hats, scarves and prayer shawls for over 2 years now, but it was during Christmas and the giving season she decided she wanted to do more in a bigger way and of course all year long.

She has always been concerned about children with cancer, especially when they've lost all their hair. She has a friend who lives a couple of towns away who is battling cancer at the moment. Jestena has always been a loving, giving little girl! So it only seemed natural that she would give away her creations to those that needed them more.

Jestena loves Red Heart Yarns!

Jestena has always sworn by the RED HEART brand, she said the colors are much more pretty and the yarn is soft and easier to work with! Jestena even likes to cut out the hearts from the labels. She is currently saving them to give to her classmates for Valentine's Day.

Jestena's parents really struggled with letting her make her own Facebook page, but a week later they gave in. To their surprise, since December 31st, 2013, she has acquired 4,818 fans. It not only encourages her, says her Mom Tracy, but her fans have pushed her to do better, not just with hats, but also in her personal life and in school! I probably love her fans even more simply because I've been able to see her passionate about something as well as get to do something on her own, without 5 sisters.

You're never too young to help others. If you would like to befriend this inspirational young woman who is making a difference in people's lives you can find her on her facebook page.

Jestena makes hats for those in need