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Kids Craft Pompom Bookmark by Guest Blogger Jessie

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A while back I had the joy of letting my littles help me with some designs for Red Heart. The first of those designs was a pompom bookmark made with Red Heart Super Saver, which Kyla helped me create.

I took many photos. Maybe a bit too many.

So here is Kyla, guiding you and your littles through creating your own pompom bookmark. Please refer back to the pattern for all the details needed.


Gather all your supplies: check

Look adorable: check


Now you will need to grab your yarn, and cut the tie strings. Place them over the fork, and then place the end of the yarn that is still attached to the skein over the fork as well.


Hold all those ends around the base of the fork, and wrap the yarn around the fork tines. *feel all smart for knowing the word tines


Once you are done wrapping, tie the ends around the yarn - this step usually requires adult assistance. The knot needs to be really tight, or all the yarn will pull out after you clip it!!

Slip the wrapped yarn off the fork and clip all the loops. When my other daughter made one she pulled her yarn way too tight when she wrapped it, and she just could not get her scissors in the loops. She decided she liked it untrimmed. It actually looked like a little flower that way. So there is my designer tip: Don't fret if your child can not cut the loops for any reason, just make it loopy!!


Lastly, pop the pompom into a clipboard and braid the ends together. Tie a knot at the bottom and you are done!!

For more information about Super Saver, click here.