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Red Heart Zigging Knit Throw

Item# RHK0502-016193V
skill level: Intermediate
Cozy up to this warm knit blanket from Red Heart Soft.
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skill level: Intermediate

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Red Heart Soft Yarn (141 G/5 OZ), Wheat in color Wheat
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Red Heart Soft Yarn (141 G/5 OZ), Wheat
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Susan Bates Silvalume 29" Circular Knitting Needles, U.S. 13 (9 mm) - Clearance* in color
Susan Bates Silvalume 29" Circular Knitting Needles, U.S. 13 (9 mm) - Clearance*
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Free Intermediate Knit Home Décor Pattern

Work with 2 strands of yarn held together to complete this luxurious throw for the family room or bedroom. Red Heart Soft, Wheat color makes the designed version relaxing, but feel free to explore more striking shades that add personality to a room. Zigzags are an interesting design element when displayed in any corner of the home.

Material Notes

Everything you need to make your new project is included in this kit! Time to get stitching, and don’t forget to share your progress!

Sizing Notes


Making the right size is important! Take a look at the dimensions of your new projects and choose the one that’s right for you, and always make a gauge swatch to match your tension.

Throw measures 46" [117 cm] x 55" [140 cm].


Pattern Care

Treat your finished project right! Make sure you read the care directions closely so your hard work ages gracefully.

  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Machine Wash in Warm Water, Delicate Setting
  • Tumble Dry

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