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  • Create With Color

    This lookbook features three eye catching throws, each in two different room settings. As you page through our rooms, you will find looks that will inspire you to add the perfect dose of color and pattern to your own living areas.

  • Snuggle Up

    Cozy blankets and throws make a house feel homey and cozy! They are perfect for comforting a child (or adult) or keeping toes warm while sharing a favorite children’s book.

  • Lily in the Craft Room Lookbook Collection

    Scroll through and explore our new patterns for coasters, buntings, plant cozies and so much more!

  • Soft Essentials Style

    With eight projects ranging from accessories, home decor and baby, you’re sure to be inspired by Red Heart Soft Essentials Style.

  • Jump Into Color Pooling

    Have you seen the way crocheters are turning an ordinary ball of multi yarn into a beautiful argyle-type plaid? Amazing as it is, if you are willing to take the time to learn how to do “Planned Pooling” you can create plaid creations too!

  • This Is Our Happy Place

    Zone out and reap the wellness benefits of knitting or crocheting a simple project. Make clothing, accessories and room accents that add convenience and comfort to everyone in the household.

  • Amigurumi Happiness

    Each 4-color wheel of yarn makes the 2 characters pictured on the band, or put your creative hat on and make a different character. You’ll love the 12 colors of Amigurumi yarn!

  • Joy of Doilies

    Modern crocheters display doilies on tables and other furniture pieces. We also use them as coasters, earrings, appliqués and framed wall art.

  • Sunshine & Rainbows

    Enjoy a sunny rainbow of projects any time of the year! This look book includes projects to brighten a room, to top off your look, or to give to someone that needs a pick me up!

  • Hygge

    We have chosen the projects in this look book with hygge sensibilities. Throws and pillows are made with cozy yarn, using simple neutral hues and in comfy surroundings.

  • Modern to Eclectic

    Our latest pattern collections are sure to elevate the look of any room! Six patterns make up our Modern Collection and the remaining seven make up our Eclectic Collection. Mix and match the projects from each room style to come up with a look all your own.

  • Me Time Lookbook

    Take some time for yourself after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Grab your needles or hooks, a cup of tea, and make yourself something cozy while the snow swirls outside.