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Yarnspirations FAQ

You've got questions? We’ve got answers.

Let us help you discover a world of inspiration and creativity. In this section, you can get answers about our products, patterns, website, and more! If you don’t find the information that you're looking for here, please contact our Yarnspirations Consumer Care team— they're always happy to help!

To read our recent letter against racism and in support of diversity and inclusion, please click here.

Updated Shipping Notice


As of October 6th, 2022, we can no longer ship orders to addresses outside of the US and Canada. Instead, our UK and International website features our latest campaigns, collections, lookbooks, and thousands of free patterns to get you inspired. To shop, please visit your local craft store or any of our online stockists that ship to your location.

Account & Subscriptions

  • Why would I create a Yarnspirations account?

    Creating an account on Yarnspirations.com has many benefits:
    • Speedy checkout – your account will save multiple addresses.
    • When logged into your account, your shopping cart information will be saved for later!
    • View and track your orders – you can view past orders or track new orders just by logging into your account.
    • Save your favorite patterns and yarns by adding them to your Wishlist.
  • My email address has changed. How do I update this information to my current account?

    You are welcome to update your e-mail address by logging in to your account online. The best way to do this is to take the following steps:
    • Visit the website and click on "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    • Log in to your account by typing your previous e-mail address and password.
    • Once logged in, click on "Edit Profile" towards the right-hand side of the page.
    • Type your new e-mail address on lines 3 and 4.
    • Verify your "Current password" at the bottom.
    • Click "Update Now."
    • Your e-mail will be updated.
  • How do I reset my password?

    Go to the My Account Login page. Click the Recover Your Password link under the Login button. Enter the email address associated with your account in the popup that appears. The email should arrive in your Inbox within a few moments. If you do not see it within 30 minutes, please check your spam/junk folder.

  • How do I unsubscribe from your email mailing list?

    There are two quick and easy ways to unsubscribe from our mailing list. i. Follow the “UNSUBSCRIBE HERE” link that appears at the bottom of every Yarnspirations newsletter. Note that you will still receive order confirmations and other notifications about your order from us if you choose to unsubscribe from marketing communications from Yarnspirations. ii. Contact our Consumer Care team and note the email address you have registered on our list.
  • I have a new email address. How do I update my subscription to make sure I still receive Yarnspirations newsletters?

    Easy! Just follow the “UPDATE EMAIL PREFERENCES” link that appears at the bottom of any Yarnspirations newsletter. Under the “My Personal Information” section, simply enter your new email address and click the “Update” button. If you have trouble completing these steps, contact our Consumer Care team and note both your new and old email addresses in your message.
  • 3. I want to receive only knit or crochet patterns in my emails, but not both. How do I do that?

    If you follow the “UPDATE EMAIL PREFERENCES” link that appears at the bottom of your Yarnspirations newsletters, you can specify whether you’d like to receive knit and/or crochet content. You still may receive emails that contain both knit and crochet projects, however

Our Products

  • How is your yarn manufactured?

    Yarnspirations carries yarn made with both synthetic and natural fibers.

    The wool used in our yarn comes from sheep raised in Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Falkland. It is brought to the United Kingdom, where it is blended together in a roughly equal combination of content from each region, though this does vary from load to load.

    The cotton used in our yarn is USA grown, though is not classified as organic or GMO-free.

    All of our products are not treated or dyed with any epoxy or varnish compounds. We do not use Urea Formaldehyde Resin or Disperse blues. All of the materials used to manufacture our yarns are OEKO-TEX Standard certified. This standard certifies that the dyestuffs used do not present a health risk or risk to the environment.
  • Are your Patons yarns or patterns the same as Patons UK or Australia?

    Please note that Patons UK and Patons Australia are separate entities and are not affiliated with Patons North America. Our patterns and yarn are produced by Patons North America.
  • Which of your wool yarns will felt?

    You can use Patons Classic Wool Worsted, Patons Classic Wool Bulky, and Patons Classic Wool Roving for your felting projects.
  • How does the striping effect of Bernat Pop! yarn differ from other yarns?

    Bernat Pop! is a print dyed yarn, which means this yarn undergoes a different dying process than other self-striping yarns. The result is that every ball of Bernat Pop! will have the same colors, though each ball may not start and end with the same color or include the same length of each color.

  • I am looking for a specific product— has it been discontinued?

    You can find our entire product offering on Yarnspirations.com, unless a product is limited-edition or seasonal only. If you do not find the yarn or color you are looking for, more than likely it has been discontinued. We do not keep a back-stock of any of our yarns; once they are discontinued and sold out, they are no longer available through us. You may, however, still be able to find it at your local retailer or even an online discount retailer.
  • I am looking for a specific yarn but don’t see it listed on your website, can you help?

    If you are looking for a specific product made by Caron, Bernat, Patons, Lily Sugar’n Cream, or Phentex, Red Heart, or Coats & Clark but don’t see it listed on our website, it could mean that this product has been discontinued or that the product is sold exclusively at other retailers. Products listed as “Out of Stock” are still in production and will be re-stocked.
  • Do you have a catalog?

    While Yarnspirations does not offer a printed catalog of our products, our website acts as an online catalog of the products we carry and currently have in stock. In order to ensure that our customers have access to the most current styles, prices, shades, and overall selection, we do not publish a catalog that you may purchase directly from us. Plus, with all the styles that we carry, a catalog would be as big as a phone book!
  • Do you have a physical store I can visit?

    The Yarnspirations store is virtual only and can be found at Yarnspirations.com. We encourage you to visit your local craft retailer to touch and feel our yarns in person.

  • How do I find out what solid colored yarns are in the multi-colored yarns?

    We currently only have this information available for Red Heart yarns. You will can find this information in the Multi-Color Coordinate List here.
  • Will my order contain yarn from the same dye lot?

    Some yarns are dyed in large batches with each batch assigned a "dye lot number". Using a color from the same dye batch assures a color match from skein to skein. Other yarns are spun from fiber that is already colored and are labeled as "no dye lot" yarns.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to match dye lots. We do try, but depending on demand, the warehouse can go through several dye lots in less than a week. And when dye-lots are picked through looking for matching dye-lots to complete a single order we unfortunately sometimes end up with a few skeins in each of several dye-lots. If you cannot find the dye lot you were using, the best thing to do is to take some of what you have to the store and try to get the best match. Look at it in natural and artificial light if possible. Work alternating rows with the two different dye lots to lessen the effect of knitting with a second dye lot. Not all stores carry all of our yarns in all available colors so you will need to check with the individual store. You can order any of our yarns in any color online.
  • How do I set the dye in my yarn?

    While not necessary with most of our products, you may find that you need to set the dye in your yarn to prevent it from bleeding. This is more common with yarns that feature a rich, dark color, because these require a heavier application of dyes, which may not fully absorb into the yarn.

    After your project is completed, soak it in a solution of cold water with ½ to 1 cup of coarse salt, depending on the size of your item. After half an hour of soaking, rinse your item with clean water. Prepare a solution of equal amounts white vinegar and water, which you will use to soak your item again for half an hour. After this second soaking, rinse your item for the final time. This process will leave your dye set.

  • Tizzy Recall

    If you have purchased Bernat Tizzy yarn and would like to return it as part of our voluntary product recall, please contact our Customer Care team directly here.
  • What is OEKO-TEX Standard certification?

    Yarns that are OEKO-TEX certified are free of harmful chemicals and substances, making them safe for the environment and to use on projects for your whole family. With OEKO-TEX certification, you can be certain that every component has been tested for harmful substances and it is therefore is harmless in human ecological terms. The test is conducted by independent OEKO-TEX facilities on the basis of an extensive criteria catalog. In the test they take into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances that may be harmful to human health. Often, this goes beyond national and international requirements. The criteria catalog is updated at least once a year and expanded with new scientific knowledge or statutory requirements.
  • What is used to dye your yarns? Is it safe?

    All of our products are not treated or dyed with any epoxy or varnish compounds. We do not use Urea Formaldehyde Resin or Disperse blues. All of the materials used to manufacture our yarns are OEKO-TEX Standard certified. This standard certifies that the dyestuffs used do not present a health risk or risk to the environment.

Our Patterns

  • Where can I find a list of the abbreviations you use in your patterns?

    Abbreviations used in each pattern are listed with that patterns directions for quick reference. But, if you'd like a full list of all abbreviations, follow the appropriate skill type link below to see the complete list of abbreviations so you can get to stitching!

    I have found a pattern on your website that I love, can you provide it written for a different size?

    While some patterns are written for multiple sizes or for both adults and children, we are limited in the range of patterns we are able to produce for Yarnspirations.com. All available patterns are listed on our site— if you do not see your size listed, you may be able to modify the pattern yourself.
  • I have found a pattern on your website that I love, but it is written for knit and I only crochet (or vice versa). Can you help?

    While some patterns have been written for both knit and crochet, most patterns have been specifically written for just one craft type. Unfortunately, we cannot provide both versions for every pattern on Yarnspirations.com.
  • Can I sell something I made using one of your patterns?

    Our patterns are only available for home craft-knitters and not for commercial use. However, you are permitted to sell your completed item at a small scale, e.g. a small craft fair or church bazaar, under the stipulation that you credit the brand of yarn you used and credit our website: https://www.yarnspirations.com.

  • How do I get one of your free patterns?

    All of our patterns are easy to download directly from the pattern's page and are available in Adobe PDF format. They are optimized to print out on your printer at home or view on your device's screen. We recommend installing the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure you aren't missing out on any of the goodies featured in our pattern files.
  • Do you offer print versions of your patterns?

    All patterns are available on Yarnspirations for download. While we do not offer printed patterns, you may print the pattern yourself once you have downloaded it as a PDF.

    Please note that pattern kits only include an online PDF version of your pattern as well— it will not be printed and included in your shipment.
  • Do you offer paid patterns on your site?

    We no longer offer patterns for purchase on Yarnspirations.com. All patterns on our site are free for all to use, share and inspire crafters everywhere!
  • I purchased a pattern from you in the past, where can I find it to save or re-download?

    If you have purchased a pattern from us in the past you will need to contact our Customer Care team to obtain a copy of your pattern. Paid pattern downloads are not accessible from the My Account section of the website.

    To get a copy of your pattern, contact our Customer Care team here.
  • Do I have to purchase the items in a kit in order to have access to the pattern?

    No, there is no purchase required to download any pattern on Yarnspirations.com. Our kits are designed to provide a quick and easy way to gather all the materials you may need for each pattern and add them to your cart. To download a pattern without purchasing the kit, simply click the blue DOWNLOAD FREE PATTERN button that appears above the kit on each pattern page.

  • I found an error in one of your patterns, what do I do?

    We're sorry about that! If you happen to come across an error in one of our patterns, please let us know so we can update our files and make things right! Please contact our Customer Care team directly here and let us know what you've found.
  • How do I know if there has been updates to a pattern I have been working on?

    As of August 2019, Yarnspirations pattern PDFs will contain a last-updated date on the bottom right-hand side of each pattern. All patterns will show a date of August 2019 as a default, even if they have been published and updated prior to this date.