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Stitch with Color lookbook

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Our latest Caron x Pantone lookbook, Stitch with Color showcases four unique ways to create intriguing motifs using the five different shades available in one braid of Caron x Pantone yarn.

Classic Chip

The classic chip motif is inspired by the infamous Pantone color chip. The classic chip motif is bold and graphic with its repeating squares. It’s also an easier color work technique to incorporate throughout your design as it is easier to visually keep track of your color changes, whether your knitting or crocheting! You can see this color chip motif in the Color Swatch Knit Sweater and the Monochrome Color Swatch Knit Sweater.


Another classic and simple color work motif to make using Caron x Pantone yarns is simple striping, whether you want to create large bold stripes like in the Crochet Stripe Scarf or smaller all over stripes like in the Garter Stitch Knit Hat. Color striping in your knit and crochet patterns is a great way to play with color! Whether you’re looking to create a gradient effect or use complementary colors to create a bold design, Caron x Pantone yarns make it possible for you to get creative with expertly curated color palettes.


If you’re looking to be adventurous with your color play, creating bold graphic designs in your knit or crochet patterns is a great way to mix color and geometric inspired patterns. You can create different visual effects when working with bold graphic designs like in the Asymmetrical Knit Shawl and the Asymmetrical Striped Knit Shawl.

Fair Isle

A classic and more advanced colorwork technique that you can create using Caron x Pantone yarns is fair isle. While this color work technique requires some color work experience to master, the results are beautiful and impressive. All our fair isle patterns include charts for you to follow along, so you can visually keep track of your color changes. Our Fair Isle Knit Turtleneck incorporates a beautiful fair isle yoke to create a classic keepsake you can make with expertly curated colors.

Do you ever find yourself thinking up knit or crochet projects in different color combinations? Trying to imagine how it would look? Our Color Play Tool let’s you do just that! With every Caron x Pantone pattern, you can pick and choose any Caron x Pantone braid and color placement you’d like to see your pattern in and watch as the image updates with your choices. With one simple click you can email yourself your unique design or share it with a friend! Check out our Color Play Tool here.

Can’t wait to get stitching with Caron x Pantone? Check out our video tutorial on how to unwind your Caron x Pantone braid below.

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