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Halloween Fringe Ghost Wall Hanging

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Halloween is a great time to get the kids crafting…and also get them warmed up to playing with yarn! This week’s project is a simple, fringed ghost that your little ghoul can easily make in an afternoon. Once they’ve finished, hang it in a doorway or window so they can watch their creepy craft fly in the breeze. This aspirational apparition is a great gateway project to getting those littles into the stitching spirit!


1 Ball Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in color: Fluffy White Cloud (or any other white, Yarnspirations chunky yarn)

1, 12″/30.5 cm dowel

Black paint + sponge brush

Black craft felt


Hot glue + glue gun

Finished Size

24″/61 cm long, excluding hanging tie.


Paint dowel. Set aside to let dry.

Cut 36, 48″/122 cm pieces of yarn.

Supplies: Dowel and Yarn

* Holding 2 strands of yarn together at a time, fold pieces in half; fold strands over dowel to create a loop; feed tails through loop and pull tight to create fringe. One fringe piece created.

*Repeat process for a total of 18 fringe pieces.

* Cut 2 circles, and 1 oval out of black felt; hot glue “eyes” and “mouth” onto fringe front to create face.

* Cut two pieces of yarn to twice the desired length of hanging tie; fold piece in half and attach on one end as for fringe. Repeat for opposite side. Knot hanging ties together.




Psst…Scout leaders and art teachers: bookmark this as a group project for your next meet-up!