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How to Set the Mood for Crochet and Improve Your Craft Experience


Autumn is the perfect time to engage all of the senses. The air is crisp. It smells of pumpkin spice and burning firewood. Leaves change colors to the constant delight of our eyes. We hear those leaves crackling underfoot and we hear the rush of wind through the air. It is also the perfect time of year to get cozy inside with your crafts. Bring the sensory experience of fall into your crafting time to have an even better experience.

What It Means to Set the Mood

Setting the mood means that you take time at the beginning of a craft session to add a few special touches to engage all of your senses. The ritual of setting up will help you relax and let the rest of the world slip away. This lets you truly immerse yourself in the craft experience. Setting the mood can be as simple and quick as lighting a candle that you blow out when you're done crafting.

lw5797 knit cables throw

Easy Cables and Textures Throw Free Knit Pattern

Crafting and the Five Senses

The best way to set the mood is to give attention to all of your five senses. Here are some suggestions for adding sensory elements to your craft time.

Setting the Mood with Touch

Knitting and crochet are such tactile crafts. You can really set the mood by working to select projects that you enjoy feeling as you work. The most important factor, of course, is to choose a yarn that you like. As the weather gets cooler, it becomes a wonderful time of year to work with bulky, plush yarns. These feel so good on the hands.

dreamy yarn

Dreamy is a super soft Jumbo weight yarn

Here are some additional touch sensations to keep in mind for crafting:

  • Try finger crochet for a very tactile experience.
  • Alternatively, select the crochet hooks or knitting needles that feel best in your hands.
  • Take breaks just to hold the yarn and really notice how it feels.
  • Pay attention to how the yarn's texture changes as it becomes fabric in your hands.

Additionally, give some attention to how the entire craft space feels. Is your chair or bed comfortable? Would a pillow feel nice? Is the room too warm or chilly? What can you wear while crafting that makes you feel cozy?

Sights that Set the Mood

Your eyes drink in your surroundings as you craft. Give them something special to look at in order to really indulge in your craft experience. Yarn choice is once again a major factor here. After all, the color of the yarn is the thing that you will look at most when as you work.

evermore yarn

Evermore Yarn in Autumn Colorway

The colors of autumn (dark reds, mustard, gold, shades of brown, and green) all provoke feelings of coziness and comfort for many people. However, you should choose the colors that are best suited to the mood you want for crafting. For example, if you want an energizing experience, choose yarn in a bright color. In contrast, if you want to relax, select hues that feel soothing.

Another very important factor is the lighting when you craft. Is there natural light? Are you using overhead lights or side lamps? Is the lighting too harsh or too dim? It is worth it to play with lighting options in your craft space to create the right mood. This little change can greatly improve how you feel as you knit or crochet.

Delightful Sounds for Crafting

What do you listen to while crafting? The sounds that you hear can significantly change your emotions. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this part of the experience, even though it seems like it doesn't directly affect your craft. Some options include:

  • Different types of music
  • Podcasts or audio books
  • Guided meditations, chants, or chimes
  • Recorded nature sounds
  • Actual sounds of nature coming through a window
  • Silence

Not sure that sound really matters when crafting? Try this experiment: knit or crochet a swatch while listening to soft, calming music. Use the same materials to make a swatch while listening to loud, jarring music. It might surprise you to see that your tension changed so much that the swatches are different!

wr1742 sweet heart sachet

Sweet Heart Sachet Free Crochet Pattern

Scent in the Craft Space

Don't neglect scent in the craft space because it can be very powerful for setting the mood. Aromatherapy studies have shown that scents can heal us. For example, lavender is widely accepted as a calming scent, while peppermint relieves stress and cinnamon helps us to focus. You can add scent by:

  • Using an essential oil diffuser.
  • Burning scented candles.
  • Burning incense or sage.
  • Boiling spices on a nearby stovetop.
  • Spraying scents into the air.

The Taste of Crafting

crochet hot dogs

Crochet Hot Dogs by Twinkie Chan

Many people opt not to eat while crafting since they don't want crumbs on their projects. However, you can still bring taste into your space:

  • Enjoy a savory treat just before crafting. The taste will linger.
  • Take sips of a favorite beverage while you work. Coffee, tea, wine, and flavored water are all good options.
  • Place a mint or other hard candy in your mouth while crafting.
  • Plan a special treat to enjoy at the end of your craft time.

Alternatively, you can just use your imagination. Look at the color of your yarn and think about all of the things that taste like that color. Just a brief moment of thinking about your sense of taste can bring a surprising new element of attention to your crafting.

Mindfulness in Crafting

The choices that you make to engage your senses will vastly improve your craft experience. However, even if you don't make any changes to the setting, you can still craft mindfully simply by attending to your senses. Begin and end each craft session with a five-minute sense check-in. Allow yourself to notice the touch, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes in the air. Give one minute of attention to each sense, bringing focus to your work. This allows you to release the stress of the day and embrace the benefits of the craft experience.