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10 Secrets to Sock Success

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Want to make your finished items look even better? Block them! Blocking may seem intimidating, but you really only need a few things from around the house. Read on to become a blocking pro!

Blocking as a Finishing Touch


  • Hard, flat surface big enough for item to lay flat

  • Towels

  • Ruler or measuring tape

  • Rust-proof T-shaped pins

  • Spray bottle of water

  • Small fan (optional)


To start, cover your blocking surface with towels. Whatever surface you use needs to be padded enough for the pins to stick in it without damaging what is underneath, but not so padded that it becomes soft.

Lay out your finished item on your blocking surface. Using the T-pins, pin your item into place. Use the ruler or measuring tape to make sure that the sides are even and it is the correct size. Don’t be afraid to stretch your work slightly if necessary. When in doubt, use more pins!

Blocking as a Finishing Touch
Blocking as a Finishing Touch

Spray the item with water from the water bottle. It shouldn’t be soaking wet, but it should be very damp. Leave the item in place overnight or until it is dry. If you live in a humid climate or want to dry your item faster, run a fan across it to help the water evaporate.

Once the item is dry, unpin it and enjoy using it!

Blocking as a Finishing Touch
Blocking as a Finishing Touch

Warning: Do not use heat or steam on your items made with acrylic or other man-made fibers. Heat and/or steam will cause the fibers to go limp and possibly stretch.

Blocking as a Finishing Touch